Monday, May 2, 2011

Greyhound Handicapping - How to Use Kennel Stats to Pick More Winners

By Eb Netr
Most bettors know about kennel standings. In most programs, there's a list of the kennels and how many of their dogs won, placed or showed for the last month. It may also tell you their percentage of wins, places and shows out of the total dogs they ran. While this is good information to know, it's not all you should know about kennels. 

For instance, go through any program and look at the races. Notice which kennels have more dogs in the higher grades. You'll usually find that there are two or three kennels that do. Now, what does this tell you about this kennel? 

Well, to me, it means that they're a class outfit and probably take better care of their dogs than some of the kennels that run dogs mostly in the lower grades. It also tells me that they're probably less apt to do anything that isn't on the level as far as trying to fix a race. The better kennels make their money from winning purses in the better races, not from betting on their own dogs or against them. This is more important than you know in greyhound racing. I've seen it from the inside and I know. 

Another thing that you can tell from checking the kennels and entries, is which trainers are better with different types of dogs. I remember a trainer named David O'Keefe, who worked for a kennel at Lincoln Greyhound Park, who was very good at getting dogs to come in from the 8 box. If I saw one of his dogs in the 8 box, and if it had early speed, I knew I'd better give it a closer look. 

You can figure out things like this at your favorite track. Just go over your program with an eye to each kennel's "specialty" if they have one. It's not just about how often they win, it's about how they win when it comes to kennel statistics.

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