Saturday, September 7, 2013

Orange Park Tips 9/7 Afternoon

Saturday, September 07, 2013  Matinee
Best Bet (4-3) Mv's Heredity - Won By a Country Mile in Her Last Race!
Best Shot (14-8) Regall Conan - Has Post to Steal The Lead in The Quiniela Double!
Spot Play (13-2) Zoltan Mesko - Better Post ToClear Early and Win Easy!

Courtesy of Orange Park Kennel Club

Race 1
Grade M
550 Yds
Gs Pretty BoyRough Debut
Flying SoonerSecond Again
Ww's BrutalLate Threat
Atascocita ElsaBreaks Better
Quin or Tri Box1-3-5$6
Trifecta Wheel35/135/1235$8
Super Wheel35/35/12/12 or 15/15/23/23$4
Daily Double5/5, 5/7, 3/5, 3/7$8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Teak TotemOff Game Win
Lake JudyPost Advantage
Barts InvestorIn Tri Again
Wild Boy AndyOne to Catch
Quin or Tri Box1-5-6$6
Trifecta Wheel15/156/1456$8
Super Wheel15/15/46/46 or 56/56/14/14$4
Race 2
Grade D
550 Yds
Gs Myrtle LeaOff Monster Debut!
Www Ray Of GreyOne to Catch
Ww Heart StringsValue in Tri
Pat C Got EnufDrops in Grade
Quin or Tri Box5-6-7$6
Trifecta Wheel57/567/2567$8
Super Wheel57/57/26/26 or 67/67/25/25$4
Race 9
Grade B
550 Yds
Owe NomoSpeed to Clear
Pat C Gift WwFast Pup
My Cup Of TeaPost Advantage
CharmingLate Threat
Quin or Tri Box4-5-8$6
Trifecta Wheel45/458/2458$8
Super Wheel45/45/28/28 or 58/58/24/24$4
Race 3
Grade C
550 Yds
Wwk's New JerseyJust Missed
Kiowa LuciaBetter Post
Cayenne HailRides the Rail
Gs NatalieWide Speed
Quin or Tri Box2-3-8$6
Trifecta Wheel38/238/1238$8
Super Wheel38/38/12/12 or 28/28/13/13$4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Hallo KieleSpeed to Clear
Bubba Bear BonesBack on Track
Ww's UntwistedDrops in Grade
Kaias CherryFourth Again
Quin or Tri Box1-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel18/168/1678$8
Super Wheel18/18/67/67 or 68/68/17/17$4
Race 4
Grade D
550 Yds
Mv's HeredityOff Monster Win
Easi AncelotLonshot in Tri
Mega NitrogenBreaks Better
Rck UntouchableWide and Clear
Quin or Tri Box3-4-5$6
Trifecta Wheel34/345/3458$8
Super Wheel34/34/58/58 or 35/35/48/48$4
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Holy Sha MoleyBox to Wire
Shootin OutlitesSlashes to Rail
Ww's Soda PopIn Tri Again
Kiowa Davy JonesOff Good Effort
Quin or Tri Box1-4-7$6
Trifecta Wheel17/147/1467$8
Super Wheel17/17/46/46 or 14/14/67/67$4
Race 5
Grade C
550 Yds
Jett FastWide and Clear
Tomco ZenyattaLongshot Threat
Jersey GiantOne to Beat
Sabil Par HickFast Start
Quin or Tri Box3-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel38/378/2378$8
Super Wheel38/38/27/27 or 78/78/23/23$4
Race 12
Grade C
550 Yds
Jhawk NationRides The Rail
Tim TeboneWide Rush
Ww's Pop OffSlashes to Rail
Rck Big RedSpeed to Upset
Quin or Tri Box1-2-7$6
Trifecta Wheel12/127/1247$8
Super Wheel12/12/47/47 or 17/17/24/24$4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Bl's Fly ChampSteals Lead
Jamaica RainCuts to Rail
Fastest WeaponLate Drive
Hallo EmperorCan Surprise
Quin or Tri Box5-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel58/568/4568$8
Super Wheel58/58/46/46 or 56/56/48/48$4
Race 13
Grade B
550 Yds
Gs SmileySmiles Again
Zoltan MeskoBetter Post
Super HeroLate Rail Run
M's Fern AstridValue in Super
Quin or Tri Box1-2-5$6
Trifecta Wheel25/125/1256$8
Super Wheel25/25/16/16 or 15/15/26/26$4
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
Ww's LiloSpeed to Clear
Ww's Sun BonnetFast Breaker
Dutch CamiFlying Late
Mega UsefulBetter Post
Quin or Tri Box5-6-7$6
Trifecta Wheel57/567/1567$8
Super Wheel57/57/16/16 or 67/67/15/15$4
Race 14
Grade D
550 Yds
Regall ConanWide and Clear
Gs KinseyBetter Post
Kiowa Kay FolkTraffic in Last
Lone Star FlyerDrops in Grade
Quin or Tri Box1-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel18/168/1368$8
Super Wheel18/18/36/36 or 68/68/13/13$4
Quin Double1-6-8/6-7-8$18
Race 15
Grade B
550 Yds
Kelsos RocksolidPost to Upset
Gs SparkleOne to Beat
RazorsammyCuts to Rail
Atascocita HempBetter Post
Quin or Tri Box6-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel68/678/1678$8
Super Wheel68/68/17/17 or 78/78/16/16$4

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