Thursday, January 2, 2014

R and R Express Lane to Hollywood, Friday, 1/3.


                               HOLLYWOOD-MATINEE AND EVENING
                               SUPERSTARS AND SUPERFECTA'S IN
                               EACH OF 18 BIG ONES. 91 PERCENT
                               PAYBACK ON WIN, PLACE AND SHOW.
                               WE GO LIVE AT 5 PM EASTERN.


RACE 1, 4-6-7-1, SLATEX ATHENA, Grade drop, recent Grade "C" Win.

RACE 2, 2-6-4-7, KIOWA KAY CRAIG, Top break to stop Maiden Madness.

RACE 3, 7-6-8-1, ROCKSTAR EDDIE, Grade drop, top Mid Track rush.

RACE 4, 8-5-7-2, NAME OMITTED, Top rush and close, 7 goes inside.

RACE 5, 2-6-7-3, SUPER C DIESEL, Top Mid Track rush in the Race.

RACE 6, 1-7-2-3, STORMY AISLING, Top inside rush, 2 goes Mid Track.

RACE 7, 5-7-1-8, A YA RUBY RED, Grade drop, recent Grade "D" Win.

RACE 8, 4-5-7-8, JAX STRIKEITRICH, Top rush for a 4th straight Win.

RACE 9, 7-8-1-5, ROC A BY SMILE, Top outside rush and closer.


RACE 1, 8-5-3-4, GOGO ANDRETTI, Grade drop from Southland, 7 inside.

RACE 2, 2-5-8-6, LETS GET GROOVY, Top inside rush in the Race.

RACE 3, 3-5-4-8, TOO DARN HOT, Top rush for a third straight Win.

RACE 4, 5-2-3-7, SUPERIOR MARINE, Top inside rush for back to back Wins.

RACE 5, 4-7-3-2, ROYALTYISALLTHAT, Top Mid Track closer in Race.

$1.00 BASED $500.00 GUARANTEED PICK 4 FORCE OUT, 4-7-8-3.

RACE 6, 7-2-8-3, TMC'S RED PEPPER, Top rush to crush.

RACE 7, 8-1-3-4, SUPERIOR PEACE, Grade drop, top rush, 7 inside.

RACE 8, 3-7-5-2, JAX POP THE TAB, Top outside rush from Dubuque.

RACE 9, 3-2-4-8, MYMOTORSRUNNIN, Top Mid Track break and rush.

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