Sunday, February 2, 2014

Orange Park Tips 2/2 Afternoon

Sunday, February 02, 2014  Matinee
Best Bet (1-4) Razorbingo - Back on Winning Track to Key in Daily Double!
Best Shot (6-8) Razor Audacious - Steals the Lead to Upset in the Tri-Super!
Spot Play (15-2) Bostonstrongiris - Off Easy Win to Key Again in Quiniela Double!

Courtesy of Orange Park Kennel Club 

Race 1
Grade B
550 Yds
RazorbingoDouble BINGO!
Kl's LandonPost to Repeat
Ww's Dove LikeSpeed to Clear
Amf BankerFlying Late
Quin or Tri Box1-4-8$6
Trifecta Wheel14/148/1478$8
Super Wheel14/14/78/78 or 48/48/17/17$4
Daily Double4/1, 4/6, 4/3, 4/8$8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Pat C StampedeStampedes Home
Dutch DuncanBounces Back
Hallo DwildmanFast Break
Kiowa MercedesGets Room
Quin or Tri Box2-3-4$6
Trifecta Wheel23/234/2346$8
Super Wheel23/23/46/46 or 24/24/36/36$4
Race 2
Grade M
550 Yds
Dirt Road DivaPost to Pop!
Ww's StatelyBreaks Better
Waubun GlacierIn Tri Again
Shark TankGood Preps
Quin or Tri Box1-3-6$6
Trifecta Wheel16/136/1368$8
Super Wheel16/16/38/38 or 13/13/68/68$4
Race 9
Grade D
660 Yds
Jm's John KuhnGrade Drop
Ww's Work HourSecond Again
All A Lone StarOne to Catch
M's Flex EllenReady to Return
Quin or Tri Box1-4-7$6
Trifecta Wheel47/147/1457$8
Super Wheel47/47/15/15 or 17/17/45/45$4
Race 3
Grade D
550 Yds
Total CountDrops to Rail
Amf PastieFlying Late
Edsel Of RuckusOne to Catch
Gs PeytonWide and Clear
Quin or Tri Box1-2-3$6
Trifecta Wheel13/123/1238$8
Super Wheel13/13/28/28 or 12/12/38/38$4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Gs HubertGets Loose!
Ptl SophieWide and Clear
Blutoo JacksonRail Rider
Nitro IgnitorFast Start
Quin or Tri Box1-4-8$6
Trifecta Wheel48/148/1468$8
Super Wheel48/48/16/16 or 14/14/68/68$4
Race 4
Grade M
550 Yds
Gs MorganWide and Clear
Pat C Lights OutSpeed to Clear
Fuzzys MelanieBack in Tri
Snj ShastaWide Rush
Quin or Tri Box3-5-8$6
Trifecta Wheel58/358/1358$8
Super Wheel58/58/13/13 or 38/38/15/15$4
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Lee OperaWinning Tune!
Flying BodypaintBounces Back
Flying PlaxicoOne to Catch
Pat C Gift WwBreaks Better
Quin or Tri Box1-7-8$6
Trifecta Wheel18/178/1678$8
Super Wheel18/18/67/67 or 78/78/16/16$4
Race 5
Grade C
550 Yds
Kay OutlawDistance Change
Morning BrewFurious Finish!
B My Golden BoyGets Loose!
Barts TaradoxLate Rail Run
Quin or Tri Box2-3-6$6
Trifecta Wheel23/236/2367$8
Super Wheel23/23/67/67 or 26/26/37/37$4
Race 12
Grade D
550 Yds
Ww Gossip GirlBox to Wire
Chivvy AlongMajor Player
Gs ScooterWide and Clear
Hallo Nita ThirdFast Start
Quin or Tri Box4-5-7$6
Trifecta Wheel45/457/4567$8
Super Wheel45/45/67/67 or 57/57/46/46$4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Razor AudaciousUpset Threat
Bubba Bear BonesSecond Again
Gs Dark KnightLate Kick
Mega NitrogenMajor Threat
Quin or Tri Box3-5-8$6
Trifecta Wheel58/358/2358$8
Super Wheel58/58/23/23 or 38/38/25/25$4
Race 13
Grade C
550 Yds
Ww IgniteIgnites Early!
GallivantingSecond Again
Pat C IsabelleSpeed to Clear
Rck EtniaDrops to Rail
Quin or Tri Box2-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel26/268/1268$8
Super Wheel26/26/18/18 or 28/28/16/16$4
Race 7
Grade B
550 Yds
Ww's BighornRail Rider
Fm Joey DGrade Drop
C Ville DittoFast Break
Raiders VivicaOff Sharp Win
Quin or Tri Box1-3-4$6
Trifecta Wheel13/134/1234$8
Super Wheel13/13/24/24 or 14/14/23/23$4
Race 14
Grade D
550 Yds
Ww's EruptPost to Pop!
Hkf FredMajor Threat
Jb's FerrariGrade Drop
Pg ElizabethCloser to Rail
Quin or Tri Box1-6-8$6
Trifecta Wheel16/168/1468$8
Super Wheel16/16/48/48 or 18/18/46/46$4
Quin Double1-6-8/1-2-6$18
Race 15
Grade A
550 Yds
BostonstrongirisRight Back!
Gege TakeaticketPost to Upset
Kiowa RosalieGets Room
Ww's BurnBreaks Better
Quin or Tri Box1-2-6$6
Trifecta Wheel12/126/1268$8
Super Wheel12/12/68/68 or 26/26/18/18$4

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