Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The "Pros" Are Ready Are You?

Early signups are now underway for the 2010 Handicapping Challenge of “The Pros” vs “The Public” and its shaping up to be an exciting and innovative contest. This contest, to be run over a series of Saturday nights in September, is drawing huge interest and the slots are filling up fast. Most of the “Professionals are already in place and we are just waiting for those who are brave enough to take them on.

The concept is to bring together experienced Professional Greyhound Handicappers and match them up against the general public in a head to head challenge with the bracketed winners advancing to the next weeks contest. The public gets to compete for prizes, have a lot of fun and see how they measure up against some of the well known and best regarded Greyhound Handicappers in the world. Sign up is easy, just go to and enter your E-Mail and you are entered and ready to play.
The list of “Pros” already registered is quite imposing and a few more are expected to join. Heading the “Pro” team and acting as captain is someone whose name might not be recognizable to everyone but in the handicapping and gambling world of greyhound racing he is certainly a legend. If you have ever won a sizeable super exotic payoff anywhere in the country it is quite likely that you either beat out or shared the payoff with Howie Lincoln. Among those who gamble full time on the dogs for a living “Howie” is considered the best in the game and has been for many years. At the very first Greyhound Night of Stars the committee decided to offer a guaranteed payoff of $1,000,000 dollars to the winner of the PICK NINE POOL and Howie took them up on the challenge. Suffice to say that is the last time they have offered that proposal.
The rest of the “Pro” team is formidable to say the least. From is none other than “Pup” or as we at Big Jackpot Betting refer to him as “The Professor”. The “Pup” runs an on-line greyhound academy that trains up and coming players and his list of students making their mark in the greyhound handicapping arena is constantly growing. “Pup” is known as one of the new breed of handicappers who utilize all the technology available to today’s modern players. This is an opportunity for some of “Pup’s” students to show the master that they have learned a thing or two.
Representing “The Pros” from the Pacific Northwest is the “Railbird”, Brian Lee. The popular Handicapping And Wagering Greyhounds forum that can be found at has been hosted and moderated by Brian for the past ten years and a wealth of handicapping information can be found in its old threads. Also expected to join from the Northwest is “Portland Mike” who will be aided by the “lovely, lovely Debbie”.
Checking in from down under is Scott Sinclair from Australia. Scott has made his mark in Australian Dog Racing and he has discovered a fondness for as he calls it “The American Product”. We are pleased and honored that Scott is joining us and giving an International presence to our contest.
From the publishing world we are pleased to announce that Gordon Waite “The Father of Computer Handicapping” will be joining us. Gordon really needs no introduction and his legendary “Stat Attack” and many other handicapping products are available daily at . Gordon published the popular Racing Greyhounds Magazine for many years and has appeared on TV and also given many on-site handicapping seminars.
South Florida will be well represented from the “Pro” side of the contest. “Clocker Picks” from Palm Beach and on Twitter at will be on board. Clocker while based in Palm Beach is well known across the country and at one time the form sheet that he invented called “Statform” was available at literally hundreds of locations in North America. Clocker is joined by fellow Floridians “Post Time Perry” of and “The King of Twitter” the mighty one himself George “The Eskimo” Quinn from
The Northeast is aptly represented by Eb Netr who is a frequent contributor to . Eb is a prolific writer on greyhound handicapping and his work is available on his website/blog named “Win at The Dog Track With Eb” to be found at
The Midwest is well represented by “The Wizard of the Woodlands” the “Internet Voice of Greyhound Racing” none other than “Mr. Saturday Night” himself the man who is never late to church the one and only Randy Birch. Starting out at The Woodlands in Kansas City in the late 80’s Randy was taught the intricacies of greyhound handicapping by his mentor “The Coach”. Learning under “Coach”, Randy soon developed his particular propensity for pinpointing the precocious pups or as Randy says ,”I love the Maiden Madness.” Randy developed quite a following at the Woodlands and today can be heard on the internet with his weekly podcast which is hosted by a different racetrack each week and co-sponsered by Not only is Randy entered into to the contest he will also be the moderator so as always it will be “katy bar the door” with Randy behind the mike.
Speaking of colorful and flamboyant we are pleased to announce that Mark “It’s all Good” Goodfellow will be defending the honor for all those who live in the Midsouth. Hailing from Memphis, TN you can expect Mark Goodfellow to make his presence known. If I know anything about Mr. Goodfellow, I know that he is already clearing a spot on his mantle in anticipation of collecting the trophy for this year’s Challenge and he probably has already booked a plane ticket to the Tri-State Casino and Greyhound Track where he expects to be the guest of the track as the grand prize winner.
Let’s see who can upset the applecart and knock off these “Pros”. Join the contest now at

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