Saturday, September 11, 2010

National Event

National Event
You are invited tonight when Bigjackpotbetting makes history and goes on the air with the first interactive
live presentation of Greyhound Racing on the internet. Stop by beginning at 7:10PM EST to see this ground breaking event that will reveal what the future of Greyhound Racing looks like.

Industry "Pros" are lending their expertise to provide an entertaining,informative,insightful and hopefully profitable experience for all those that partake.

Tri-State Greyhound Park is the host for the "Pros vs Public" handicapping challenge that promises to be a must see event. All
greyhound fans are invited to drop in and also to invite anyone you know that might like to be introduced to Greyhound Racing or in some cases reintroduced.

This is an all new product called Internet Greyhound Racing that's aim is to invigorate the sport on a national level.

Put the word out BIG JACKPOT BETTING  goes live tonight at 7:10PM EST.


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