Monday, October 4, 2010

Elite Eight Now Set For This Saturday Night

           $600 BONUS JACKPOT HIT

Chris P.  aka TheWezinEville, walked off with the Bonus Bucks Jackpot of $600 Saturday by showcasing an impressive display of handicapping  when he correctly selected 4 out of 5 winners for the  Evening performance at the Tri-State Greyhound Park. The Wez moves into the elite eight this Saturday Night  and will run head on into the “PUP”.  Holding a number 4 seed in this contest “The PUP” is the highest seed left standing at this point. PUP has been grinding away every week just getting the job done but he has yet to reach the top of his game.  PUP is a lot like those top major league pitchers who they always say about “you better get them in the first few innings when they are vulnerable because as the game goes on they get better and better”. PUP will come out firing this week as will Vera who comes in after knocking out the number two seed in the tournament last week. Vera is on a run and her goal as always is to get the job done this week before looking ahead to next week. KC’s Kevin is hanging out at “The Plaza” just waiting to derail Vera this week.
The GolfGuru is standing on the tee waiting for HotInAz this week in a matchup at the top of brackets. HotInAz is coming in off a solid week  but prior to last week he has just managed to squeak by each week.   The GolfGuru has been shooting par each week so HotInAz better bring his A game for this round.
In another match coming this week Willie Peck and Nelluc  will battle it out looking to advance to the Semifinals.

Congratulations to all of our Elite Eight contestants and a reminder that each of you have won a copy of Ryan Reed’s new book  BORN TO RUN. Turn in to  this Saturday Night October  9th for all the action beginning at  7:10PM EST.

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