How To Handicap Dog Racing With Any Handicapping System

By Eb Netr
Do you ever stop to think about why you lose money at the dog track? Or do you just keep on “keepin’ on” doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Why should what you’re doing work next time, if it didn’t work the last time?
Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we’re doing that we don’t ever put our heads up and look around and see what we’re missing. So, if your handicapping methods aren’t working, why not analyze what you’re doing and find out why it’s not making you money?
  You could do this by going over your old programs and seeing what you bet and what came in. Maybe     you’re betting the right dogs, but not in the right way. Or maybe you’re betting too many races, junk races that you can’t handicap because the dogs are just too inconsistent.
True, dog racing isn’t an exact science. Things happen even when you have a good system and good money management skills. But most of the races and the dogs are pretty consistent, especially in the better grades, so a good handicapping system can work at least well enough to make you a small profit.
Be honest with yourself when you go back over those old programs and bets. If you didn’t always follow your methods, but expected to win anyway, admit it. If you won but you don’t know why, admit that too. Don’t take credit for figuring something out if it was just a random accident that helped you win, because you can’t keep replicating random events.
You know that no one wins every bet they make, but you also know that there are people who win enough of the time to make a profit, and those are the people who find a good handicapping method, use it consistently and also use good money management.