Monday, November 8, 2010

#1 Way to Make Money at the Dog Track? Spot Plays!

Winning With Spot Plays
By Eb Netr

If it happens once, it'll happen again," Willie said to me once, over forty years ago. My friend was right and that's why spot plays are such good bets at the dog track. What is a spot play and why do they come in? I'm glad you asked.
A spot play is a dog that is in a situation that handicappers know often leads to dogs winning or placing. For instance, one of my favorite spot plays is a dog that is switching distances. Many people think that this puts a dog at a disadvantage or that the dog will need a race or two to adjust.
Not so! Just look at your last program and notice how many dogs go right out and win the first race at a different distance. There, I've given you a spot play that you can make money on the next time you go to the track. But you have to realize that not all spot plays come in.
The situation is favorable, but you also have to do a little handicapping to figure out if other handicapping factors are favorable for the dog. I look at post position, running style, what I think the other dogs in the race are going to do and even how the kennel is doing before I plunk down my money.
But the most important factor is the odds on the spot play. You have to assess the risk to reward ratio. Because these dogs don't always come in, it's important to pass on them when they're at ridiculously low odds. I like odds of at least 5-2 on the ones I put my money on.
If you take the time to go over your programs, keep good statistics and have a good eye for noticing things, you'll be able to come up with these special situations for yourself. Make a list and use it to bet on dogs that are likely to benefit from circumstances that you've seen dogs benefit from before.
Spotting them and betting on them is what's made me go home with more than I came with at just about every American track. This works at any track, although different spot plays work better at some tracks than others. If you put some time and effort into researching your favorite track, you'll find the ones that work to your best advantage. Just remember to keep the risk to reward ratio in mind when you bet them.
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