Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Handicapping E-Book Available


You are seconds away from owning my latest ebook on exotic wagering strategies based on my revolutionary "Pack Leader" variable discovery.

I don't promise you will become rich after reading this ebook.

I don't promise that you will have found the "Holy Grail"

What I do promise is to show you a variable in exotic wagering that you have never been taught before.
I have read all of the books myself on handicapping thoughout the years and I have never seen anyone address this basic truth about playing the greyhounds.

You won't learn how to select races to play. You won't learn how to find key dogs to win. You won't learn some formula for ranking dogs from best to worst.


A 'secret' that may give you an edge over other players at the track. This is where your profit comes from right? From having information that the other players DO NOT HAVE! Unless they have read this ebook I promise they won't have this information.

What is in the book?

1. Learning the secrets of Pack mentality
2. Building a talent pyramid
3. Playing 'tiers' from the pyramid
4. Breaking down the tiers so you have the long shots in your wager

Have you ever been frusterated because the 20/1 dog placed and made you lose your trifecta? Have you wondered how this longshot made it into the money to begin with?

I have the answer. And I have suggestions and strategies on how to get that
20/1 shot into your trifecta wagers.

This is an Ebook you MUST add to your collection. And it's only $14.99

Click below and get your copy instantly!


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