Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feature Race Saturday Night At Hollywood

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

Greyhound In Form What Does it Mean

By Eb Netr
We often hear about dogs being in form or out of form, but what does this really mean? A simple explanation for form is "running well" but there's more to it than that. I think most handicappers would agree that the definition of form has to include an element of time to mean anything. Dogs come into form and go out of form as they run and it's the smart bettor who takes this into account when handicapping.
How do we know that a dog is in form?

The Heat Is On

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Downing Wins World Classic

Superstar Goes Thursday Night At Hollywood

Packin The Heat Bringing The Heat
The sensational Packin The Heat goes for three wins in a row Thursday Night in the second race of the late card at Hollywood Greyhound Track. Packin the Heat a white and red Male from the Iruska All Star and Noah’s Pollywog mating has been burning up the track at Hollywood and is coming in off a overwhelming 18 length victory in his last start. Packin The Heat’s program lines resemble a picket fence as he has led his races at virtually every call.
With the warmer weather finally returning to South Florida the staff at Hollywood is preparing for a large post holiday turnout to watch live the country’s hottest racing phenomena as he goes to post this Thursday night. For all the fans unable to attend this event the Virtual Clubhouse at will be open and have room for everybody to view this show right from their own home computers. See you at the track or in the Clubhouse! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Fastest Greyhound in The World

Virtual Clubhouse For Greyhound Racing

On-Line Clubhouse Now Open
The virtual clubhouse at .com is now open with live greyhound racing, direct from Hollywood Greyhound Park ,five nights a week from Thursday to Monday with no racing on Tuesday and Wednesday . The doors open at 7:00M Est. and everyone is invited and advised to come early to be sure to get a good seat.
The gang in the clubhouse goes at with each other as they discuss their picks, insights, tips and even have a laugh or two.  The crew from The Woodlands have their own table in the clubhouse and Kc Kevin, Joe Joe Dempsey,Papaloaf,Sassystacie and The Chief are regulars every racing performance. The “Pros” from the Northeast sit front and center and are well represented by Rastro Ricky and of course the “Human Road Grader ,Wide N Driving”.  Curly from Jacksonville is always early and never fails to produce a great pick or two and of course the “Doggie Professor,” the one and only “Pup”, is on-line to offer his sage advice. The Railbird checks in from the Pacific Northwest and always has pertinent insights to offer the wagering crowd.
Racing officials like Aldo Leone,The Director of Racing at Hollywood, and of course his able assistants The Charming Chelsea and Ravishing Raychel  check in from time to time to answer questions and give the regulars updates on upcoming races and events to watch out for. Between calling the races and his other duties Ramon jumps in from his seat high above trackside to provide his real time observations. Trainers, Dog owners and Kennel owners also frequent the clubhouse and really the only thing missing at this point is you. Stop by and say hello and join in the fun and excitement as Championship Greyhound Racing is brought right to your home by
The Virtual Clubhouse is hosted by Randy Birch and he would love to hear from you when you come in. Just stop by and say hello and meet some of your old friends and even make some new ones as you experience on-line greyhound racing as you have never seen i t before. 

Meet you in the clubhouse. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look Out He's Got A Gun

Packin The Heat Races Thursday Night At Hollywood
Well actually he, as in the James O’Donnell Kennel’s prize pup, Packin The Heat doesn’t have a gun but it sure seems like it when he shoots out of the starting box. Packin The Heat,  based on his performance in last Saturday Night’s Hot Box Feature Race has gained the attention of all the railbirds at Hollywood Greyhound Track including “THE RAILBIRD” , Brian Lee  from Portland Oregon.   Packin The Heat was matched up in a mini stakes event for his maiden voyage over the Hollywood oval with some of the top maiden runners in the country. This star studded field including Packin The Heat’s full brother Big Bad Leroy proved no match for Packin. Shooting out of the seven box, Packin clocked a sizzling 5.62sec to the first sectional and romped to a easy win in the blazing time of 30.30 while coasting to easy six length victory.
Packin The Heat has already captivated the greyhound community at Hollywood and talk of a potential superstar in the making is abundant. Nobody doubts the talent of this young pup and even rumors of a World Classic entry have been discussed albeit prematurely but nonetheless the buzz has begun. None other than George “The Eskimo” Quinn of GreyhoundNews on Twitter was quick to spot the enormous potential of this superstar in the making.  George tipped off “All Night Amy” Connors regarding Packin The Heat ‘s ability and Amy was quick to alert her viewers on her weekly TV spot to  be on the watch for “The Heat”.
George Quinn was so sure he had spotted a champion in Packin The Heat that he printed up tee Shirts for himself and a few twitter buddies to wear to the track for Packin’s first race. Unfortunately for George an overzealous security guard stationed at the escalator spotted George’s shirt and turned him away at the door. To the security guard’s credit not one escalator has been stolen on his watch.
Thursday night Packin The Heat has drawn into the seventh race of the late night card and the track is bracing for a big turnout to see this event. This race is most definitely “must see TV and you can see it and the whole night of racing action right from your own home computer by logging into
See you at the races!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winning Wagers By The "Pup"

Mardi Gras (formerly Hollywood in Florida) announces lower take out on Win wagers.

By "Pup"
For the serious greyhound player we must ask ourselves is this something to get excited about? My simple one-word answer is YES! There are several reasons to be excited about this change at Mardi Gras. Let's look at some of them.

1. More Win wager action
I play horses and greyhounds. While they are both sports where animals race in a circle, I play the two completely differently. Why?
Because there isn't enough money in the win pool in greyhound racing to make a $100 win bet on your pick. In horse racing there
is over $100,000 in the win pool at some tracks. You can safely wager $100 without crushing the pool and ruining your return. Our
hope is that this decreased take out will encourage more players to wager in this pool which gives us another option for wagering.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mardi Gras - Saturday Feature Race

Preview of Saturday Night Hot Box Feature From Hollywood
This Season in conjunction with Trackdata Systems, Mardi Gras Racetrack will be staging a series of Saturday Night 'Hot Box' events that will features some of the finest pups and proven greyhounds in the country. 

This Saturday Night the Feature Race is Race #6 on the Late Evening Card. 

Watch "All Night" Amy rundown the race:

Hollywood At Mardi Gras Racing Tonight With Jackpot Pools

Hollywood Starts Double Header at 7:30pm Est

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

Greyhound Handicapping - Don't Go Off the Rails

Handicapping a greyhound program can be overwhelming. There's so much information that it's hard to take it all in, never mind analyze it and use it to pick winners. For instance, there's post position. Many people think it's more important than any other factor. Then you bump into someone who thinks it doesn't matter at all and you wonder why you've been putting it first when you go over the program.
Well, post position IS important. But it's only one factor amongst several that you need to really compare as you analyze races.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Bad Bill" & Lady Luck

By “Bad Bill” McBride
After 23 years of studying the greyhounds, writing two books and hundreds of columns and articles, you could expect that by now I’ve learned how to rule “LUCK” out of the picture. LUCK is for those number bettors, right? It has no place in the serious handicapper’s results, right?
WRONG! “Luck” is always a factor when it comes to wagering! ALWAYS!
On any given race card, here are the two major ways the experienced handicapper can be affected by bad “luck”:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hollywood At Mardi Gras Now Has Live Racing

Live Racing Returns To Hollywood With Mini Doubleheaders

Hollywood Greyhound Track at Mardi Gras opened for live greyhound racing Sunday Night December 12 with a double header of racing action.  Racing began with a first post of 7:30PM EST for the evening card and  eight races were contested followed by a short 30 minute break and then at 9:30PM another eight races went to post comprising the late evening card. Hollywood will be running these mini doubleheaders every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout their live season which will extend into late spring.
Opening night showcased some great racing and the invaders from Dubuque, Iowa acquitted themselves quite well. A new innovation of Sectional Times was available for those patrons at the track and later this week it will be available to everyone no matter what venue you will be wagering from. Also the Jackpot Win Bet with 16% takeout (the lowest in the industry) was introduced and play in that pool was running about 100% higher than in previous years. Hollywood officials expect that the Jackpot Win Betting Pool will continue to increase as the season progresses and patrons become more aware of it and its benefits. The general feeling is that the Jackpot Win Bet is the only wagering product that has shown any potential for growth and the initial reaction to it has been positive on all fronts.

You can follow all the action at Hollywood on line at
See you at the races!

Hollywood Now Open

Monday, December 6, 2010

Handicapping With Eb Netr

Should You Ever Bet More Than One Dog to Win?

By Eb Netr
Well, it happened again. I probably shouldn’t complain, because I made money on it. But I just don’t get it. It was the only race I wanted to play that day and the dog I liked, the 2, was listed at 4-1 in the morning line. The 1 was listed as the big favorite at 6-5.
I don’t know who the handicapper is for that track, but if I met him or her, I’d ask them a question. Why in the world would they rate a dog at 6-5 to win, when it’s had 16 races and has come in second 10 times, but hasn’t won a race for months? Sure, it won a race in a lower grade, but not lately.
I figured no way would the bettors let it go off at such low odds, but they apparently agreed with the track handicapper and bet it even further down to even odds. By the time the race went off, it was at 3-5 and the dog I liked was at 6-1.
Well, the 1 did take off like a rocket, took the lead and then halfway around the track, my 2, who had steadily been gaining on the 1, passed it and the 1 never came back. They hit the wire like that. My 2 dog won with the 1 second. The 2 paid $14 and change to win and the quiniela paid $12 and I had it.
The bettors were stunned! Stunned, I tell you, that the 1 hadn’t won. Maybe they thought it was due, like a friend of mine was always saying about dogs that always came in second. I knew better. I knew that it was one of those dogs that likes to follow, not lead, which is why it always drops back after it jumps out of the box.
I don’t hold it against dogs like that. Some dogs, like some people, just like to lope along with the rest of the pack, not be out in front. But I don’t bet dogs like that to win and I hope that you don’t either. Keep an eye on those “win” and “place” columns before you bet a dog to win and make sure it’s had some practice winning before you put your money on it.
If you see a favorite that always comes in second, look for other dogs that win more often than they place and – if the odds are right – put a couple of bucks on one or two of them. This is one of the few times when betting more than one dog to win can actually pay off.