Monday, December 6, 2010

Handicapping With Eb Netr

Should You Ever Bet More Than One Dog to Win?

By Eb Netr
Well, it happened again. I probably shouldn’t complain, because I made money on it. But I just don’t get it. It was the only race I wanted to play that day and the dog I liked, the 2, was listed at 4-1 in the morning line. The 1 was listed as the big favorite at 6-5.
I don’t know who the handicapper is for that track, but if I met him or her, I’d ask them a question. Why in the world would they rate a dog at 6-5 to win, when it’s had 16 races and has come in second 10 times, but hasn’t won a race for months? Sure, it won a race in a lower grade, but not lately.
I figured no way would the bettors let it go off at such low odds, but they apparently agreed with the track handicapper and bet it even further down to even odds. By the time the race went off, it was at 3-5 and the dog I liked was at 6-1.
Well, the 1 did take off like a rocket, took the lead and then halfway around the track, my 2, who had steadily been gaining on the 1, passed it and the 1 never came back. They hit the wire like that. My 2 dog won with the 1 second. The 2 paid $14 and change to win and the quiniela paid $12 and I had it.
The bettors were stunned! Stunned, I tell you, that the 1 hadn’t won. Maybe they thought it was due, like a friend of mine was always saying about dogs that always came in second. I knew better. I knew that it was one of those dogs that likes to follow, not lead, which is why it always drops back after it jumps out of the box.
I don’t hold it against dogs like that. Some dogs, like some people, just like to lope along with the rest of the pack, not be out in front. But I don’t bet dogs like that to win and I hope that you don’t either. Keep an eye on those “win” and “place” columns before you bet a dog to win and make sure it’s had some practice winning before you put your money on it.
If you see a favorite that always comes in second, look for other dogs that win more often than they place and – if the odds are right – put a couple of bucks on one or two of them. This is one of the few times when betting more than one dog to win can actually pay off.

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