Monday, December 20, 2010

Winning Wagers By The "Pup"

Mardi Gras (formerly Hollywood in Florida) announces lower take out on Win wagers.

By "Pup"
For the serious greyhound player we must ask ourselves is this something to get excited about? My simple one-word answer is YES! There are several reasons to be excited about this change at Mardi Gras. Let's look at some of them.

1. More Win wager action
I play horses and greyhounds. While they are both sports where animals race in a circle, I play the two completely differently. Why?
Because there isn't enough money in the win pool in greyhound racing to make a $100 win bet on your pick. In horse racing there
is over $100,000 in the win pool at some tracks. You can safely wager $100 without crushing the pool and ruining your return. Our
hope is that this decreased take out will encourage more players to wager in this pool which gives us another option for wagering.

2. Simple wagers
As a professional greyhound player I learned early that if I was to make any money doing this I would need to play the exotic pools.
It's a tough thing to do for a couple of reasons. The odds are stacked against you. First, it's harder to pick a trifecta that it is to only
pick one dog to win. And what do you get for all your trouble? A LARGER track take out. 25% or more for trifecta wagers. A 25%
disadvantage is very difficult to overcome. With this offering in the win pool you can make easier wagers and see less of the pool taken
by the track. This means more winning and less 'juice' on your wagers, theoretically making it easier to show a profit.

3. Easier to learn the game
If you are a new player you have an advantage that I didn't have when I started. You have less of a mountain to climb to show a profit
AND you can do it while playing the most simple wager available. The win wager.

All of these are reasons that both "pro's" and "newbies" should be excited about this change at Mardi Gras.

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