Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollywood "HOT BOX" Feature Race

Hall of Famer Stops In Friday Night

On -Line Interview Scheduled For 7:pm est Friday Night

Do not miss what promises to be a classic interview on internet radio at when
Randy Birch talks to Hall of Fame Racecaller Dennis Clow. These two are universally recognized as the best to ever call dog races and now we have brought them both together for a special half hour of talking about "old time greyhound racing".

For this special event Big Jackpot Betting will go on the air this Friday Night January 28 at 7:00pm est and while we expect a record audience you can always be sure of getting a front row seat in the Virtual Clubhouse. Save the date and time and  make sure you catch all of this special interview you will be glad you did.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hanging at the Clubhouse

From: Monday, January 24 2011

One of the fun things about going to the track is listening to all the conversations and laughter.

That's something you don't hear too much at a slot machine.

At the track, there always are some comments floating around, whether it's about the racing qualities of a dog or a horse, or how to use one of them in a bet.

Of course, there's a lot of good-natured kidding there, too.

That's what it's all about: Having fun.

Now, I know this is online, but at big jackpot betting (click HERE), there's a similar theme.

Click on the virtual clubhouse, and you'll enter the races at Mardi Gras. You can watch and bet them. But led by former Dubuquer Randy Birch, you can get that conversation going through a chat room.

It's an entertaining group, called "the Odd Squad." There is lots of joking, handicapping ideas and entertaining. You can always get a chorus of D-U-B-U-Q-U-E, that's Dubuque, the meats for your family from Randy when he finds out a Dubuquer is in the room

Give it a try on those off nights. Catch some races from another track, add in some entertainment and learning and sit back and enjoy.

I get laughing so hard sometimes I can't keep up with the races.

Hollywood Futurity

2011 Hollywood Greyhound Track Puppy Stakes

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Handicapping Legend Joins Big Contest

Mark Goodfellow a greyhound handicapping legend joins the Heavy Hitters Handicapping Contest to be held the first weekend in April at the Hollywood Greyhound Track.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mardi Gras' 2011 Futurity Championship Preview

This week's Saturday Night Hot Box Event is the finals of the 2011 Futurity Championship. It will be the 6th race of the Late Evening Card.

Black Kennel, Joe Trudden and J & J Calabro all have duplicate entries in the final but the O'Donnell kennel who is always a threat in any stake race at Hollywood and who has been known to usually have multiple entries in stake races now must pin their hopes on their single entry, Top Shot and that may be all they need.

Hollywood "HOT BOX" Feature Race

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

From Off The Pace
By Eb Netr
Handicapping for early speed is one very good way to find winners. But early speed isn't always what determines which dog will get to the finish line first. There are times when the winner comes from "off the pace." That is, a dog that runs just behind the leaders for most of the race accelerates in the stretch and passes one or more of them right before the end of the race.
This might be a gradual maneuver - if anything can be gradual in a race that takes about a half minute - or it might be done with a flashy flourish that shocks the leader's backers, who thought they had a winning ticket. Either way, these dogs are factors in a good part of the races, so how do you handicap them?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

Does Age Matter When Handicapping The Hounds
By Eb Netr

The general rule is that greyhounds run until they reach their 5th birthday. At least, that's what most "experts" have written over the years. However, if you look at a program, you'll find that there are dogs who are more than 5 at almost all the tracks.
As a matter of fact, if you check the dogs' ages at smaller tracks like Pensacola and Ebro, you'll find many dogs who are older than 5. I once bet on a seven year old dog who won and paid $32, but that was back in my wilder and crazier days. The dog was a little female who got out pretty good, but not first, and closed at the end of the race.

Meet The Handicappers

Monday, January 10, 2011

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

Speed handicapping In Greyhound Racing
By Eb Netr
Speed comes up almost constantly in greyhound handicapping. Why wouldn't it? Speed is what gets one dog around the track faster than the other 7 dogs. Obviously, if you can figure out which greyhound has the fastest speed, you can pick the winner of any race. But that's easier said than done. Believe me, learning speed handicapping in greyhound racing can take a lifetime.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Packin The Heat Blows Them Away

"Bad Bill" On Handicapping The Hounds

Choose your Opponent

By “Bad Bill” McBride
If poker was your game, and you could choose the players you'll be matched against,
there's no doubt you'd select the "dumbest" opponents possible. After all, if you had a
choice, why would you want to risk your money playing shrewd, experienced poker
At the dog track, you have a choice, in this respect. You can exercise your advantage in a
number of ways. I'll describe some of those.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He's Got Two Guns

Hollywood Ready For Big Onslaught
Packin The Heat, the greyhound, runs Thursday night in the sixth race of the late card at Hollywood Greyhound Track and he will be going for his fourth win in a row. This young greyhound has caused quite a stir already in the new meet at Hollywood, that is just a few weeks old. Winning races in impressive fashion and captivating the racing public has become old hat for Packin The Heat already. This dog is slated to compete in the upcoming Puppy Stakes at Hollywood and after that the sky is the limit. None other than George “The Eskimo” Quinn of GreyhoundNews on Twitter has proclaimed Packin The Heat to be the fastest pup he has even seen break in at the Hollywood Oval.

The faithful at Hollywood have embraced Packin The Heat as one of their own and they turn out in large numbers whenever “The Heat “ is on. Hollywood is bracing for a large turnout this Thursday Night and while they expect to be able to accommodate the crowds they do advise that most seating is on a first come first serve basis so those of you Railbirds that want to get an up close view of “The Heat” they do recommend arriving earlier for the best choice of seating.

Also entered for racing on Thursday night is that top regarded maiden pup Tali Night that races for the Joe Trudden Kennel and is owned by Troy Wylie. This pup has yet to advance out of the maiden ranks but that should all change when Tali Night goes post ward from his favored eight box in the first race of the card.
Be sure to get to the track early so as not to miss any of this high powered race action but if you can’t get out then we will bring all the action right to your home computer at
Don’t Miss It!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eb Netr On Greyhound Handicapping

Quitters Can Be Winners
By Eb Netr
We've all heard the old saying, "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." Like many old sayings, there's a grain of truth in it. But there's another old saying, "Never say never." That's true when it comes to a lot of dogs that racing fans call quitters. (Often the bettors call them a lot of other things too, when they're swearing and throwing their programs on the floor.)
Dogs who "quit" don't actually stop running. They just stop trying to get to the lead. There's a reason for this and if you know what it is, you can handicap these dogs and catch them on the occasions when they come in. This can give you some nice payoffs.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Complete Final Standings For 2010 Fall Handicapping Challenge

Bad Bill On Handicapping The Hounds


By "Bad Bill” McBride

Look at a few pages in a greyhound race program, and you will see plenty of data to “handicap” with.
Noting at the Past Performance Lines, (PPLs), of each of the dogs’ recent races, you’ll have lots of
factors to compare.
Keep this in mind: greyhound handicapping is mostly a matter of using “history” to predict the future.
You will be comparing how each dog has been doing with how each of the other 7 dogs have been
doing, and you will try to project those differences into the most probable outcome of the race at hand.
Of course, once you have done so, you remain with the task of engineering your most opportune type of
wager, but that is another topic.