Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mardi Gras' 2011 Futurity Championship Preview

This week's Saturday Night Hot Box Event is the finals of the 2011 Futurity Championship. It will be the 6th race of the Late Evening Card.

Black Kennel, Joe Trudden and J & J Calabro all have duplicate entries in the final but the O'Donnell kennel who is always a threat in any stake race at Hollywood and who has been known to usually have multiple entries in stake races now must pin their hopes on their single entry, Top Shot and that may be all they need.

Top Shot is coming out of the 4 box and has the fastest time of the group but she can't afford to break slowly this time and try to circle the field because  this time whoever goes to the lead in this group will be tough to catch.

Joe Trudden's Dairylands Dream has pulled the 3 box – he had his 5 race win streak derailed Monday night but tonight with all the marbles on the line he is poised to bounce back and take home the crown. He is one of 3 dogs in the race who has raced against 4 of the other competitors. The 2 Carolina Flicker being one of the others along with the 7 WW Always n Ever.

Carolina Flicker is On Line Racing's entrant coming out of the two box and this greyhound could pop out quickly and if any trouble develops behind him he may be hard to catch.

The 8 Esme is one of Black Kennel's two entrants. She has been putting forth solid performances throughout the stakes competition but this will be the first time she has been starting from the outside but in fact she just might find some early running room that could propel her into the mix.

(4) Top Shot, (1) Mr Ash Lee, and (8) Esme have all seen 3 of the other contenders. Where (2) Carolina Flicker and (3) Dairylands Dream have raced against 4 of the others. All of the dogs have competed against at least one of the others entered in this race.

The dual entries are:
Black Kennel: (1) Mr Ash Lee and (8) Esme
Trudden Kennel: (3) Dairylands Dream and (6) Nitro Fire Woman
J & J Calabro: (5) WW Crystal Mitch and (7) WW Always N Ever

Here is the Complete Line Up:

(1) Mr Ash Lee
(2) Carolina Flicker
(3) Dairylands Dream
(4) Top Shot
(5) WW Crystal Mitch
(6) Nitro Fire Woman
(7) WW Always N Ever
(8) Esme

As with any Stakes Race final all eight kennels have primed there dogs for there best efforts and the even competition lends itself to surprise winners . When the box pops open for this race Saturday night anything is possible but no matter what a worthy champion will be crowned.
 You can watch this race live at Bigjackpotbetting along all the other races Saturday Night January 22nd from Mardi Gras Racetrack.

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