Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Handicapping Championship Planned

A Big Stakes Event

Lots of people know how poker has made its way into the entertainment world. It shows up on ESPN and other networks a lot.

Well, there's a group of greyhound fans hoping for the same thing.
The Mardi Gras Foundation, in Florida, will host the debut of a $1,000 buy-in handicapping contest at Mardi Gras Racetrack. It will take place April 1-2, and is co-hosted by Big Jackpot Betting.

Here's a quick rundown:
You make $24 in bets per race. Some races are trifectas only, some are superfectas, etc. The bet payoff will be the points. The top 50 percent scorers will move on to the next day's finals, where all players start at zero again.

They need 10 entrants to make it work. Plus, there might be an online element for fans to follow along.
I think it's a great way to stir up interest in the sport. Sure, it's a huge buy-in, but if it goes over maybe next time there could be smaller events, with the winners advancing to a big final (preferable someplace warm in the winter, right?)

It's a start; let's see how it goes. And, racing fans, let's give it some support.
Want to learn more about it? Click HERE

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