Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jack Fink Weighs In

The Value Of Weight in Handicapping
By Jack Fink
How much value "weight" has in handicapping greyhounds is
just as confusing to the average fan as is the value of
"time". I am opposed to weight as a fundamental in handicapping
for a number of reasons.

1) The overall good is So limited that the time
required to keep records of every dog cannot
possibly compensate for the very small percentage
of winners.

2) To be able to take advantage of weight (when
there is an advantage), one would first need
to be an expert handicapper because weight
would be only one factor amid many others.

3) When you consider the many new pups who are
starting out at the track you are playing,
plus the other youngsters who have not as
yet settled their basic weight, playing dogs
in this category on weight can be a hazardous

4) Because most greyhounds will perform creditably
at different weights and because most
fans do not know each dog's best racing
weight, I regard the scale as a weak point
in handicapping.

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