Monday, March 14, 2011

Handicapping Tips From The "PUP"

The secret to winning more at the greyhound track
By "Pup"
The title is a little misleading because there really isn't a secret to winning more at the greyhound track. In fact it's quite simple. To win more you must...LOSE LESS!

That seems simple enough right? It seems too simple to even be true. But it is. Every dollar you lose is a dollar you have to win back. Then you have to win even more back on top to make a profit. Here are simple ways to lose less and win more at the greyhound track!

1. Play less races
Go through the card at your track and find the top 5 races. These would be the races you think you have the best shot at winning. ONLY play those 5. What do you do the other races? Enjoy watching these amazing animals run! Maybe make minimum win wagers just so you have a small stake in the outcome. But that's it. Save your major money for the 5 best races of the day!

2. Play less combinations
If you are playing exacta's or trifecta's, play less combinations! Most people are boxing 4 dogs to win. Or they will wheel a key with almost every dog in the race. Start by eliminating at least 2 dogs that can NOT make the money. Then see if you can eliminate 1 or 2 more. Make your exotic wagers based on these remaining dogs. Sure, you will lose some races because you left a dog out. But the money you save over the long run will be way more! Don't believe me? Try it 6 months and track your results both ways. You will see.

I could blog every hour of the day and not come close to everything we teach at The best part of our training are the 30+ hours of video where you get to play along side a pro and see what I do everyday. You learn to win but being with a winner.

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