Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Track Tips From "The Pup"

Playing a longshot? Not so fast!

If you are like me then you abhor the thought of playing a 6/5 favorite. I nearly refuse to do it! Notice is said nearly...
There is a favorite in every race, many times paying 2/1 or less. The wise player will not play this weak favorite or false favorite. The wise player will look for value. The thing you must always remember are the two words I used: weak and false.
A REAL favorite should not be bet against. Even though you may not be getting good odds to bet the favorite, you are also probably not getting good odds to bet against either. This leaves you with a few options.

1. You can key the true favorite with some 'value' dogs for the quinella, exacta or even the trifecta.
2. You pass the race and just enjoy watching it run.

Of all the tools you should have as a handicapper, being able to spot a TRUE favorite is one of them!
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