Saturday, March 12, 2011

Track Tips From "The Pup"

Looking for a cash cow? 

Here's how to find one!

By "The Pup"

It's no secret that you will go broke if you play the favorite to win in every race. If you play exotics and you key the favorite in your wagers you are very likely to go broke as well unless you are very accomplished at wager structure. This brings us back to one of the prime goals in wagering: finding value. For the purposes of this article we will call it "Finding the cash cow."

There are several different spot plays that yield high priced puppies to wager on. One of my favorites is looking for class, or back class, in a race that is pretty evenly ranked in terms of ability otherwise.

Let's say the entire field (or the competitive portion of the field) has ART (average run times) within a margin of error that they could all win. In this case there is no clear winner. No one that stands above the rest.

Many times in this instance you will see a greyhound that is outside the limits in terms of ART. They may have been out because of injury, training or other reasons. You will often see these greyhounds come back and school with pretty slow times. These greyhounds are diamonds in the rough.

Let's say the race is a GRADE D race. Your potential cash cow was competitive in GRADE A 3 months back, More competitive in GRADE B two months back, and didn't do really well in GRADE C before going on a break. In today's race this puppy is coming back in GRADE D. That's a triple drop from GRADE A where the greyhound was competitive only a few months ago.

Even though the results in it's most recent races don't look good, it's likely this greyhound is ready to fire today for a nice price. and if not this race, then the next one. So put some money on this puppy and get ready to get paid more often than not and some nice odds. 

I train players to spot all kinds of spot plays like this AND to wager properly and dominate greyhound racing in many aspects. Visit us online at

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