Friday, March 18, 2011

Track Tips From "The Pup"

What kind of race are you playing?
By The "Pup"

If you answered "greyhound race" then we need to talk!
There are several different 'types' of greyhound races. Here's a few to get us started:

Highly competitive
Equally uncompetitive
Diversely competitive

Yes, I made some of those names up. The important thing to learn is that making greyhound picks
for a race is easier when you know what type of race it is. The first two are simple. a race is either
playable or unplayable. You can either figure it out and show a profit or you can't. Obviously you
shouldn't play a race that is unplayable.

Highly competitive. A great example of this type of race would be a stakes race. More specifically, the
races going on at Mardi Gras right now. Sunday night kicked off the action with superstar dogs from
all over the country running for fame and fortune. These races are a 'who's who' of greyhound racing.

Most of these races I would just pass on. Even if you see a greyhound that looks to be best, it could be
beaten on any given day by the other amazing greyhounds in the field.

Equally uncompetitive. You know these races. Races where all of the greyhounds are equally bad. You can't
find a single key that stands out. These races are generally not profitable to play.

Diversely competitive. These races are much better. You have greyhound of varying ability. It allows you to
isolate a key and isolate secondary runners as well. If you can do this better then the average player, then you
will make money!

So the next time you start handicapping ask yourself, "What kind of race is this?" And proceed accordingly.

Want to master greyhound racing? Want to know everything a pro knows? I'll let members walk beside me
and learn what I do, as I do it.

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