Friday, May 20, 2011

Handicapping Maiden Races

Ed Netr Tells How to Profit From Maiden Races
While many people think that M races are hard to handicap, I have a steady little income that would argue with that. It does take some digging and some time and effort, but I think it’s worth it. Here’s a general outline of how I do it, in case you’d like to try it, yourself.
First, I stick with only a couple of tracks. Wheeling Downs is one. They have the best and most consistent dogs, in my opinion, from the best parents. Although both parents hand down their characteristics to their puppies, like most people, I give more weight to the sire of the litter.
And, this is an important point, for research purposes, I stick with the 5 top sires when I’m looking for good puppies in M. Of course, my top five sires and yours might be different, depending on how you rate them. Mine are Dragon Fire, Lonesome Cry, Fuzzy’s Cannon, Trent Lee and Kelso’s Fusileer. A sixth, Yahoo Omar, is starting to show up on my puppy radar too.

I use Trackinfo’s dog search to find litters from these sires and then I put them into my virtual kennel at trackinfo. When they have schooling races, I download the programs, watch the replays and make notes on each puppy. Whether it breaks or closes, where it runs, how well it does at racing smart and working its way through the pack without getting bumped and blocked.
One of the most important things I pay attention to with puppies is how well they get around that first turn. It’s probably the most important factor in M races, especially for dogs that don’t get out first every time. I even stop the replay right before it and watch them enter the turn a few times so I can really see what happened.
With this method, by the time the puppies hit the track for a real race, I know more about them than most of the people who are seeing them in the program for the first time. If you want to be ahead of the game in M races, take the time and make the effort to find these young dogs before the crowd does. Knowing which puppies are the pick of the litter is the key to making money in M races.

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