Friday, June 10, 2011

Open Letter To Kansas Governor

Letter to Gov. Sam Brownback:
   I share and very much appreciate your conservative agenda that will hopefully lead to more business and jobs badly needed in Kansas. Thats one of the main reasons I voted for you both as a U.S. senator and as Kansas governor.
   There is one issue that would have provided 7,000 documented jobs that was left in the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee during the 2011 Kansas Legislative session. I dont think, because its your first term, that youre fully aware of the millions of dollars in tax revenue and thousands of jobs that were left in committee. 

    Kansas Senate Bill 241, the Kansas Agricultural Opportunity Act, would provide the same tax for slot machines, already approved by an  overwhelming majority of voters in Kansas City, Kansas, and Pittsburg, Kan., for casinos and racetracks. For some never explained reason, Kansas Senate Bill 66, establishing the Kansas Lottery Act, set the tax rate at 40 percent for voter-approved slot machines at racetracks and 22 percent at casinos. As a result, like any other legitimate business would have to do, the racetracks, in Kansas City, Kansas, Pittsburg and Wichita closed, costing the state millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Worse yet, millions of dollars, that should be going to Kansas, go each day to Missouri and Oklahoma. 
   The ripple effect of this oversight is enormous for the Kansas economy. Kansas billionaire Phil Ruffin, who wants to put more of millions of dollars of additional money into the Kansas economy, is estimating this jobs bill would mean 7,000 to 8,000 total jobs, counting the vets, the purchasers, the horse men, the dog men, and all the farmers. Those farmers, horse and dog breeders will soon be forced to move from Kansas where now we have three blighted buildings, that once house racinos in Kansas. Kansas is home to the National Greyhound Hall of Fame and has no live greyhound racing because the track owners have been taxed out of business. 
    I urge you to call a special session of the Kansas Legislature and correct this incredible governmental blunder. There is not a business in the world that would pay twice the tax of their competition. That's the scenario our brilliant Kansas lawmakers have put into effect. When asked about this, House Majority Leader Mike ONeal makes Kansas look even dumber, if thats possible, on this issue by saying We dont want gambling in Kansas. He says this while allowing the Native American casinos in Kansas that provide little or no state tax money. Oh yes, and Senate Bill 241, besides thousands of jobs and millons of dollars in tax money, would also shore up KPERS funding for Kansas state retirees.
   I consider you a brilliant spokesman for the state of Kansas whom I want to vote for again. Please call a special session of the Legislature and get this tax matter fixed.
   Thanks for your time and consideration and for looking out for all Kansans.
Randy Birch          

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