Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Who Sing about Greyhound Racing

How To Pick Winning Dogs Time After Time

Winning At The Track With Eb Netr............
Is your luck at the track hit or miss? Do you do really well one day and not so good the next day? Have you given up on trying to figure out why you win - or, more importantly - why you lose? If that's the case, maybe this article will help you change all that.
Greyhound handicapping isn't an exact science. We all know that. But there ARE things you can do to become better at it, no matter how long you've been failing at it. Even if you have almost no days when you pick the right dogs, if you put some time and effort into learning to really analyze the most important factors in a race, you'll be surprised at how much better you'll do.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winning in the Rain

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Sooner or later, it happens to every bettor. You're all ready to go to the track. You've handicapped the program and found a slew of good bets. You even have some extra money in your pocket and your spouse has gone out with a friend, so you won't be accused of neglect. You grab your keys, head out to the car and get about halfway to the track when it starts to rain.
The forecast didn't call for rain, but apparently the weather gods didn't listen to the forecast, because it's pouring as you park in the track parking lot and sit there thinking about whether you even want to go in now. After all, who knows what's gonna happen with the track getting wetter by the minute?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Longshot Wins American Derby

Making A Living at The Dog Track

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Is it possible to make a living at the track? Well, I'd have to say, yes, because I know several people who do just that. How do they do it? That's the downside to making a living at the track. They work at it - harder than they'd work at a 9-5 job.
One of them, a young woman who started playing the dogs when she worked as a lead-out to help put herself through college, is very successful. She's also very disciplined. She gets up early in the morning to get the programs for the four tracks she plays and often doesn't go to bed until after the track closes in the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Should You Avoid Puppy Races?

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Well, that depends. When I started going to the track, back in the 1970's, all the old-timers told me "M" or puppy races were impossible to figure out. "Puppies are inconsistent." They told me. "They're too unpredictable. You have to wait until they get up into "C" until you know if they're any good or not. Just watch the puppy races. Don't bet 'em."
So I watched them. After awhile, I realized that the old-timers were betting the heck out of the M and J races and cashing tickets too. It dawned on me that they didn't want me to bet because I'd be competition. After all, if you wait until a puppy has won in M and J before you bet it, you're not the only one who's noticed that it's a good dog, so you don't get good odds on it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Event to Support Greyhound Racing in Kansas

First of all we at Big Jackpot Betting would like to give a call out to the crew that made last night's event such a success. A special thank you goes out to the management and staff of the Sportspage Lounge in Kansas City,Kansas who along with Kevin Ward, Michael Loeffler, Bobby Johnson, Shay Rich and of course our own Randy Birch worked together to make last night a reality. Without the help from these dedicated people we never would have been able to pull off a live remote broadcast and combine it with the live broadcast of the night's races from Tri-State Greyhound Park and present it on the internet for all to view.

What was planned as a reunion of long time Woodlands employess and fans actually turned into something much more important than that. The local media picked up on the event from our press releases and sent camera crews and reporters to see what was up. The Kansas legislature was also represented when David Haley, a state of Kansas senator, showed up to express his support in returning greyhound racing to the State of Kansas. The Sportspage Lounge was packed with people who would love to have their jobs in the greyhound industry returned and also with a large group of greyhound racing fans who expressed a desire to support the return of pari-mutuel greyhound racing to the state of Kansas. The support for racing was heard loud and clear and the prospects for its return are beginning to look better by the day.

Randy Birch & Michael Loeffler Broadcasting From The Sportspage

We at Big Jackpot Betting were proud to have been involved in an event that may just well prove to be the beginning of a grass roots movement that may lead to a groundswell resulting in the return of live Greyhound Racing to Kansas.

Thanks to all of you who participated by attending or viewing on Www.bigjackpotbetting.com. It is with your continued support that we can grow this sport and return it to its past glory. Thank you all for being part of this.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How To Use Form In Your Handicapping

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We often hear about dogs being in form or out of form, but what does this really mean? A simple explanation for form is "running well" but there's more to it than that. I think most handicappers would agree that the definition of form has to include an element of time to mean anything. Dogs come into form and go out of form as they run and it's the smart bettor who takes this into account when handicapping.
How do we know that a dog is in form?