Monday, July 18, 2011

Making A Living at The Dog Track

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Is it possible to make a living at the track? Well, I'd have to say, yes, because I know several people who do just that. How do they do it? That's the downside to making a living at the track. They work at it - harder than they'd work at a 9-5 job.
One of them, a young woman who started playing the dogs when she worked as a lead-out to help put herself through college, is very successful. She's also very disciplined. She gets up early in the morning to get the programs for the four tracks she plays and often doesn't go to bed until after the track closes in the wee hours of the morning.

She pores over the programs and all the other data she needs to handicap. Then she picks her bets, but is prepared to be flexible if things change. That's why she doesn't just put her bets down and go off to the mall for the day. She calls her system The Gestalt System. Hey, I told you she was going to college.
What she means is that she considers the whole "gestalt" or pattern of events that's taking place at the track at the time that she makes her bets. Her theory is that every race program is unique and has a pattern and if you can find that pattern, you can make money. All I know is that it works for her and someday when she writes it up maybe I can figure out how it works and share it with you. But, for now, all I can tell you is that she works her patoot off to make money. The dog track is her life and she has no time for a social life or friends or anything else, except handicapping.
That's not for me, although I've lived off my track winnings in the past and they certainly supplement my living now. What you have to do to make a living at the track is too much like work, if you ask me. It takes all the fun out of it to my mind. Nope, I'd rather enjoy myself at the track without the pressure of having to earn my daily bread by picking the right dogs.
That doesn't mean that I don't intend to make money when I go to the dog track. But it does mean that I make sure there's money in the bank to pay my bills before I take off for the track. It also means that I get to spend what I win on fun stuff instead of bills and groceries. I guess I'm just a loafer when it comes to making bread at the track.
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