Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kevin Ward's Expanded Selections at Tri-State for Wednesday

Tri-State Selections for Wedneday Night August 31

Tri-State Race 1 – Two schools of thought here 368 - 827. $2 DD 38 – 3 for $4 bucks.

Race 2 – 374 367. Rico’s Crosby #3 to WPS…

Race 3 – 857 758. Make up your own mind about #1…Recent time off, great box, but weak school.

Race 4 – 814 413. Really don’t expect the 4 here…but being objective. Like the 8 a lot. 1 looks strong from the post. Probably play 8 – 1 – 3467, 8 – 3467 – 1, 1 – 8 – 3467. Can we beat the 2,5?!

Race 5 – Fast Annie’s early speed earns her a place at the top of one of my TRI’s…8 7 4 - you never know when she’ll break the recent slump and against this field of recent under achievers…..all is possible. Still I see this next Trifecta as the one to beat…615. Only time will tell. #6 Rico’s Top Shelf may pay a nice price for a grade dropper with a pair of solid runs from the middle posts recently. It should be a nice battle between 6&7&8 for a spot at the front of the pack going into the first turn. 
Race 6 – This is an advanced handicapper’s race with 3 first timers. I would normally pass this race and will this time too.

Race 7 – 786 872 … normally a great opportunity for a $10 Q….78…. but this time it’s not that big of a probability. It is a little tougher when the two a side by side. Show restraint.

Race 8 is a great race with the rising #2 Jim Brass who is burning up the track against a cold blooded #4 Easi Dusty who dropping down to meet this rising young star, as is the fierce #5 TEADE who may any dog in this race a run for its money. Not to mention a post (1) that’s appears to be overly biased in these types of races. This might be one of those times for a $10 Q 2/ 4 with a $5 Q 2/ 15. 

Race 9 shows me 357 316 for a shot at the $$.

Race 10 a tougher look at two schools of thoughts again….524 6453.

Race 11 is 173 312…

Race 12 is 467 645 but these are tight margins as well. 

Race 13 … Can’t fool the computer is shows 148 732….that one being Fleet Trent after a few 677 races under its belt. The 7 can win a 31.0 pace which may be enough with the way this group has been running lately.

Race 14 is going to take some time to figure….way to close of a field when looking deep. Still the picks are 845 568…yet, I can see the 1 or 2 winning this just as easily as any dog but maybe the 7…. Pass.

Tri-State Race 15 – 347 365 are my $2 Straight Trifecta for $4 bucks. Kiowa June Taste #3…to WPS…

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