Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Winning At The Track With Good Advice

Winning With Eb Netr...
When I started with greyhound handicapping, I was in my late twenties and as numb as a pounded thumb about dog racing. Luckily, I had several more experienced mentors to give me advice and keep me from ending up in the poorhouse. That's one of the reasons I write articles about how to win at the dog track now. I remember how it felt to want to win, way back when I was too clueless to pick a winner in a one-dog race.
Here in no particular order is some of the best advice I ever got:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winning With T Races

Winning With Eb Netr...
Any dog track program will tell you how greyhounds are graded. Except for the highest and lowest grades, they move up when they win a race and - at most tracks - move down when they fail to finish in the top three positions in three consecutive starts or fail to earn better than one third place finish in four consecutive starts.
The rules for J and M may differ somewhat and, of course, dogs who win in the top grade can't advance, but these are the basics of how dogs are graded. The reason they're graded is so that dogs with similar abilities will be running with each other, instead of with dogs who are much better or much worse at winning.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Bets Sometimes Look Like Losers

Winning With Eb Netr...
There are great dogs. There are lousy dogs. There are so-so dogs that spend most of their lives bouncing between Grade C and Grade B, never making it into the top grade, but hanging in there with enough wins and seconds to keep them from dropping down into the lower grades. You can make money on dogs like these.