Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who Gets The Money

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At the dog track, there's a winner in every race. There's also a dog who places and one who comes in third for show. Even if there are no exotic bets allowed in a race - and few races don't have some kind of exotic bet - someone wins money on one, two or three dogs.

You might be saying, "Well, duh! That's certainly stating the obvious!", but bear with me. There's a point I'm trying to make here and it may be one that you've never thought of before, even if you've been going to the dog track for years.

The point is that tickets are cashed on every race. There's no such thing as a race where no one has a winning ticket, at least not that I've heard of. Even when the winner is a long shot at incredibly long odds, someone has him. You can see the people walking up to the windows after every race, with their tickets out, ready to give them to the tote and get their money back.

So, if someone wins every race, why don't you win more races? What do those people know that you don't? Are they all dog owners, trainers and kennel staff? Do they all have someone planted inside the track to tell them which dog is going to win? Do they just pick lucky numbers?

My guess is that it's none of the above. True, some people do win because they have inside information and it happens more often than you know. But there are other people who win because they've figured out how to tell when dogs are good bets and when they're not.

With only basic handicapping skills, they use a method of picking winners based on key factors that most bettors know little or nothing about. And that's why, even though there are winners in every race, so few people figure out which dog will cross the finish line first. Even if they do, many times they have the winner, but miss one or two of the other trifecta dogs.

With these two key factors, the smart bettor can do better than just pick winners. He can also figure out how to bet so as to maximize his odds and minimize his risks. Just picking winners isn't enough to hit trifectas, because keying on one dog doesn't pay off over the long run. You have to have both keys to win at trifectas and some people just never find them or, worse yet, know enough to look for them.

Oddly enough, these key factors are right in the program, but almost no one knows what to look for or how to use the factors to bet and hit trifectas. While the key factors stare them in the face, most of the bettors are looking at other factors that have nothing to do with whether a dog is ready to win, place or show. And they do it over and over again, missing trifecta after trifecta, even when they have the winner. Even when they have two of the dogs in the trifecta!

There's an easy way to find dogs that are good trifecta bets - dogs who have a very good chance of hitting the board. Often these dogs aren't favorites or dogs that you'd normally put in your trifecta bets, but they're the dogs who are going to BE the trifecta. These are the Key Dogs and these are the dogs you have to have to win.

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