Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Save Money & Win More

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If you can make money "sometimes" you can make money all the time. It's trite, but true. Can you spot a winner often enough to go home with a profit, at least once in awhile at the dog track? Well, if you can, then you've mastered the basics of greyhound handicapping.

Now, all you need to do is learn how to make that work for you consistently, and you also need to work on money management. Nine times out of ten, when decent handicappers aren't making a profit, it's because they're losing money through poor betting judgment.

The idea of betting on dogs, is winning enough to put some money aside. If you spend as much as you win, where will you get the money to go to the track again? Right, from your bank account and that should be where your winnings are going. You need to put aside a percentage of your winnings every time you win.

How many bettors do that? Not many. That's why, oftentimes when they go to the track, they don't have enough money to make all the bets they want to make. So, what happens? They only make some of the bets they wanted to make and miss some winners.

So, if you want to pick more winners, you have to have the money to do it. Unless you have an unlimited income, you need to invest the money you make on more bets by putting some of it away for the future. That way, if you have a losing day, you'll be able to draw on the money you've saved to play the next program.

One way to save money is by automatically setting aside ten percent of what you win, every time you go to the track. If you do every time you win a bet, then deposit the money into the bank on the way home or early the next day, you'll have what you need next time you go to the track.

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