Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2011 All-America Team announced | National Greyhound Association

2011 All-America Team announced | National Greyhound Association

American Derby Profiles-Presenting HMG Seventynine

In the next several days we will be presenting profiles of the leading contenders in this year's revival of the
American Greyhound Derby.
                                                              HMG Seventynine
                                                           Kiowa Sweet Trey- Bird A Flyin

        Owned by-Marie Amato   Handled by-Maryland Bobby 
      Representing-Tri-State Greyhound Park

106 Starts    29 Wins

               This amazing female is freakishly fast and has a style of racing all her own . If she feels like running she usually pushes the clock and not other greyhounds . With top grade Wins of 11,11 1/2,12 1/2, 13, 15, 19 1/2 and 20 lengths she races into orbit . When Seventynine goes to the front there is no looking back. She has been timed at 29.85 in 5/16ths and 37.97 in the 660 yard course at Tri State. With her it's just a matter of seeing the lead.

Sarasota Stats through 2/28/2012

Downing's World Classic Lines

Monday, February 27, 2012

Setting The Record Straight

Grey2k, Animal Rights and the Cultural War...
By Dennis McKeon..

Anyone who has ever spent any time around Racing Greyhounds with their eyes, heart and mind wide open, knows that there is something very special about them. There is no other breed of canine with which to compare them, even though there are quite a few breeds of dogs that have descended from them. There is a nebulous quality about them that sets the Racing Greyhound apart from other canines, and it is as ancient as starlight and as striking as a flaming meteor.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Simple Way to Dispell Anti-Racing Mythology

How to Show The Real Story...
By Dennis McKeon
You’ll need only a kennel full of Racing Greyhounds, one anti-racing zealot and a camera phone.

I used to dread it when friends of mine (or anyone who was a comparative stranger to the dogs) would come to the kennel for a visit. Not that I didn’t want to see them. I did. But they would invariably insist on coming out into the turnout pens with the dogs, and then I’d have to worry about them being smothered to death with dog-love and unbridled enthusiasm. I think most kennel operators and trainers shared my confliction there. You love to show off your dogs, but people who simply aren’t used to the sheer power of the “surge” of a small colony of hounds, can unknowingly present a danger to themselves. Back in the days of heavy wire muzzles, there was always the chance of a fat lip, a broken nose, or in the worst case scenarios, a knocked-out tooth or two, courtesy of those hounds who would suddenly stand on hind legs to get eye-to-eye with their new visitor. Until one has been the “new human” (and thus the sole object of desire in the entire world) for 25-30 greyhounds, you really have no idea of just how friendly they can be, or how competitive they truly are, even when it comes to seeking your acquaintance and friendship. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

World Classic Preview

United Greyhound Racing 2012 Mardi Gras World Classic Stakes Final Preview...
By: Clint Locklear

The 2012 edition of the World Classic will be run Friday, February 17th at Mardi Gras Casino & Racetrack in Hallandale Beach, Fl. A prestigious race since inception, previous winners include some of the greatest names associated with greyhound racing:  Downing, Wigwam Hoss, Bomb Threat, Kiowa Shawnee So, Kiowa Sweet Trey, Ea's Itzaboy, and many other fan favorites of the game. Winners of this race have gone on to the Hall of Fame and left their mark on the breed not just in the states, but all across the world. This year's edition should be as memorable as in past years. The big names that entered made the final, making it that much more special. There are also young pups trying to become household names all of which should make for an exciting World Classic.

Here's a profile of each greyhound in order of post position:

1. Who Says I Cant, bd. male
Kennel: D.Q. Williams
Trainer: Carlos Perez
Owner: Alvie Simmons

The quickest breaker in the field and quite possibly one of the fastest to the turn in America. He's been able to ignore the track bias favoring dogs with closing speed with three consecutive victories in qualifying. He's twice defeated the early World Classic favorite Turbo Lennie. A son of the primarily private stud dog of D.Q. and Sharon Williams, Chevita, he's the smallest male in the field at 66 pounds. He'll rely on building a sizeable lead and play "catch me if you can." Luck smiled on this dog and his connections with the drawing of the rail post.
Bottom Line: in great form and dangerous.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grey 2K The Walkback Begins

Mr Quiggley Under Attack.......
By Dennis McKean

Who could have ever imagined that a cute, harmless commercial, featuring an adorable French Bulldog, a pack of Racing Greyhounds, and an in-your-face, canine moonwalk, could have caused such a ruckus?

Firstly, a veritable Old Faithful of dis-information and propaganda, also known as Grey2k, predictably, threw a world-class hissy-fit. It was a truly diva-worthy performance, all on account of the Skechers footwear company’s decision to run a commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast. The commercial depicted Racing Greyhounds being challenged by Mr. Quiggly, the aforementioned little French Bulldog sparkplug (who eventually emerged victorious while wearing a pint-sized set of Skechers running shoes). The Grey2k-instigated national boycott of Skechers, and the demonstrations they had planned onsite at various Skechers outlets fizzled. Their blogging, visual and print media antics and histrionics failed to persuade Skechers (or too many of the viewing audience) that the world would indeed, immediately, and in concert, convert to a new Religion based upon the worship of Greyhound Racing, if Skechers went ahead with the commercial---which they did. Then, with that final indignity a fait-accompli, the geyser of frustration, self-righteous indignation and hyper-vitriol finally blew, spewing animus and hatred all over the new media, courtesy of Grey2k, their supporters and their acolytes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eb Netr's New Handicapping Book Now Available On-Line

Eb Netr's new greyhound handicapping book is now out and you can get it right here.This is the first handicapping book for greyhound racing that has been published in almost 15 years.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Monique Yanez wins the Super "Bone" Challenge

For Immediate Release 2/3/2012

who wins the 2012 Super "Bone" Challenge
run by Big JackPot Betting

Big JackPot Betting held their 1st Qualifying Event for the 2012 $10,000 World Series of Greyhound Handicapping this past Wednesday and Thursday - February 1st & 2nd.

Monique Yanez who handicaps the greyhounds when she has the time after being wife, mother and secretary won the event which had two rounds and was hosted by TriState.

On a dare from her husband Monique entered the contest. There were 188 contestants vying for a spot in the 2012 World Series. Throughout the first round Monique hovered above 20th position. In the final round she pulled out the win by picking the winners in the last three races.

Our congratulations go out to Monique - she not only is the first qualifier for this year's $10,000 World Series event but she is also Big Jackpot Betting's first ever female contest winner. We look forward to seeing her in December for the World Series.

Big JackPot Betting has a nightly (Thurs - Monday) live internet greyhound racing show. We offer live streaming, interactive chat, live industry interviews and so much more in our Greyhound Virtual Clubhouse.

Our hours are: Thursday through Monday Hollywood - Thu at 1, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon at 5.
Tri-state - Thu thru Mon at 7. All times ET.

If you haven't logged on come by anytime where it is all about the experience of live greyhound racing -

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cheap Fun At The Dog Track

Win With Eb Netr...
Do you know how cheap it is to go to the dog track? Think about it. You can download a program for free from the internet. You can usually park for free or very little and the same goes for getting into the track. If there's an admission fee, it's not more than a couple of dollars.
Once you get in, you can stay all day and not spend another dime. However, if you want to get something to eat, there are usually pretty reasonable choices like hot dogs, coffee or nachos. No one is going to throw you out if you take a candy bar out of your pocket and eat it while you watch the races, although you can't usually bring a cooler in at most tracks.