Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting HMG Seventynine

In the next several days we will be presenting profiles of the leading contenders in this year's revival of the
American Greyhound Derby.
                                                              HMG Seventynine
                                                           Kiowa Sweet Trey- Bird A Flyin

        Owned by-Marie Amato   Handled by-Maryland Bobby 
      Representing-Tri-State Greyhound Park

106 Starts    29 Wins

               This amazing female is freakishly fast and has a style of racing all her own . If she feels like running she usually pushes the clock and not other greyhounds . With top grade Wins of 11,11 1/2,12 1/2, 13, 15, 19 1/2 and 20 lengths she races into orbit . When Seventynine goes to the front there is no looking back. She has been timed at 29.85 in 5/16ths and 37.97 in the 660 yard course at Tri State. With her it's just a matter of seeing the lead.

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