Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cheap Fun At The Dog Track

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Do you know how cheap it is to go to the dog track? Think about it. You can download a program for free from the internet. You can usually park for free or very little and the same goes for getting into the track. If there's an admission fee, it's not more than a couple of dollars.
Once you get in, you can stay all day and not spend another dime. However, if you want to get something to eat, there are usually pretty reasonable choices like hot dogs, coffee or nachos. No one is going to throw you out if you take a candy bar out of your pocket and eat it while you watch the races, although you can't usually bring a cooler in at most tracks.
Some people go to the track just for the social aspect. It's especially good for elderly people who are living on a fixed income. They might not make more than a couple of $2 bets, but they enjoy the crowd and watching the races. And there's always a chance that they'll hit something, which isn't the case if they sit at home, alone.
What other sporting event lets you get away so cheaply? Forget about baseball, basketball and football. You're out fifty bucks by the time you get to your uncomfortable seat in the stands. Horse racing? Well, the only programs cost at least a dollar and a half.
By the time you get in and buy a program and a tip sheet, you've spent ten bucks and you haven't even made a bet. That's not the case at the dog track, where you can sit where you want all day for the cost of admission or sometimes for free admission.
The really nice thing about the greyhounds as opposed to other sports like baseball, basketball and football, is that, at the track, you can legally make some wagers and win some money. Not only is it cheap to go to the dog track, it's also possible to go home with more money than you came in with!
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