Thursday, March 29, 2012

GREYHOUND RACING NEWS: American Derby Friday night | National Greyhound A...

GREYHOUND RACING NEWS: American Derby Friday night | National Greyhound A...: American Derby Friday night | National Greyhound Association

American Derby Goes Friday Night at Hollywood

American Greyhound Derby First Heat Final on Friday

United Greyhound Racing's Locklear American Derby Final Analysis

By: Clint Locklear

The 2012 American Derby Final 1 of 2:

1. KELSOS GUARDIAN, 65 lb. black male
Sire: Kelsos Fusileer  Dam: Kelsos Hifalutin
Kennel: J.E. O'Donnell
Trainer: Dennis Smith
Owner: John Kelly
Qualifying Record: 4: 4-0-0

This 21 month old pup has yet to do much wrong. He was perfect through qualifying while winning by an average of 5 lengths and showed his versatility in the semi-final by coming from off the pace.  John Kelly recorded one of his biggest victories as an owner at Mardi Gras (when it was known as Hollywood) with Kelsos Kingpin in the 1999 World Classic. He's bred and owned many other well known greyhounds throughout the years.  Barney O'Donnell, who oversees the kennel from which Guardian competes out of, is no stranger to success. He has operated one of the most well known racing kennels in American history for several decades. Guardian is quickly becoming a national star in the world of greyhound racing. The post draw only adds to those expectations. A win would also begin the debate….is Guardian the best 3/8ths dog in America?

2. JAX WANDA RINN, 63 lb. black female
Sire: Flying Penske  Dam: Thrill A Minute
Kennel: Valor Racing
Trainer: Paul Giguere
Owner: Michael Jackson & Shannon Henry
Qualifying Record: 4: 1-1-2

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Win With this Type of Dog

Win With Eb...

It's a well-known fact that dogs that are moving down in class are a good bet. Dogs that are moving up in class, on the other hand, aren't. Right? Well, that's what the crowd believes, which is why so many dogs moving up go off at good odds.
They'd pay well if you could figure out when a dog is liable to win in this situation. Well, this little tip isn't going to make you rich, but it could help you cash in on dogs that are at good odds, but have a good chance of winning.
When you see a dog that is moving up in class, look for whether it has anything else going for it. Is it in a post position that it likes? It is? Well, put a check mark next to its post position for that. Does it have early speed? If so, it has much more of a chance of getting out in front and avoiding trouble.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ladies Only Handicapping Contest - April 1st

Big JackPot Betting Announces

Their First LADIES ONLY 
Greyhound Handicapping Contest. 

Well almost - the contest will actually be ALL THE LADY HANDICAPPERS WE CAN FIND taking on one of Big JackPot Betting's regular guest handicappers and comnmentator the Prince of Picks - Maryland Bobby!

So grab your wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters etc. - have them log on and sign up! Don't let them miss out on all the fun! It is FREE to enter.

Contest Info
Date of Contest: April 1st
Tracks to Handicap: Hollywood & Tri State

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I Won't Bet This Dog

Win With Eb...
Not long ago, at Palm Beach Kennel Club, I handicapped a race and was watching the odds with ten minutes to post. The dog I picked to win was a favorite, but only by a little because there was a second dog in this Grade A race who was also popular with the crowd.
When the odds came up, my dog was at 3-2 and the other dog was at 2-1. I thought it was pretty likely that they'd be the quiniela, so I hoped the odds would go up on one or both of them before the race. However, instead of that happening, the odds kept flipping back and forth, favoring first one dog and then the other. It was as if the crowd just couldn't quite make up its mind about which of these two dogs was the best.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mardi Gras to Host American Greyhound Derby

American Greyhound Derby Reborn at Hollywood...

This season we are proud to announce the revival of a favorite stake race called The American Greyhound Derby. This particular event has been on hold for the last three years, but now will travel 1500 miles south from its last home in Lincoln, Rhode Island at the Lincoln Greyhound Park to our very own Mardi Gras and resume the tradition.
In May on 1949 the American Greyhound Derby was created at the Taunton Dog Track in Massachusetts by the Managing Director Mr. Joseph M. Linsey, and quickly gained momentum as a prestigious championship event. It was the first large purse stake race of the time, and was loosely modeled after its international counter-part, the Irish Derby.

Diane Henry- Up and Coming Trainer

A History Lesson

The Roots of Anti-Racing Activism...
By Dennis McKeon
There have been few issues in the realm of public discussion that have engendered more misunderstanding, misinformation or more vitriolic speech, than whether or not Greyhound Racing should remain a lawful, state-regulated activity.

Anti-racing activists have used their media bully pulpit to publicize their point of view since the late 1970s, while media journalists have seldom, if ever, asked a penetrating question of them. The popular narrative of greyhound racing, as well as the lives of Racing Greyhounds, has been spun by those who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, and who have absolutely no experience working within greyhound racing, in any capacity whatsoever.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Derby Preview Round 2

United Greyhound Racing's Round 2 American Derby Pre-Race Analysis...

By: Clint Locklear

The 2nd Round of the American Derby will be held this Friday night, March 16, during the second of two race cards. Races 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 are all qualifying events. The following is a breakdown of each race:

 First qualifier of the evening (race three in the program) is headlined by three first round winners, Jax Wanda Rinn (#4), Show You Want (#5), and Kelsos Fabulous (#7). Fleet footed Fabulous will try to wire this field in the same manner she did Monday night. Fabulous needs the front to avoid discouragement and if she does, she's lethal. Her nine length win in the first round may have not been such a fluke. She wired a grade C field on the 16th of February by fifteen lengths in a blazing quick 37.32.
Mo's Real McCoy (#3) is a dog that has shown early foot on the sprint course and will try to disrupt Kelsos Fabulous by getting the jump on her. McCoy, a World Classic Finalist, is seeking to add another stakes final to his resume; however he is an unknown at this distance.
Tb's Final Stand (#8), a stakes champion at this distance last year at Southland, continues to struggle with just one win from eleven starts at Mardi Gras. Final Stand has the potential to fire big, but we've been waiting all meet for that to happen.

Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of March 15) | National Greyhound Association

Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of March 15) | National Greyhound Association

The Return of the American Greyhound Derby

Grey2k, the American Greyhound Derby, Inputs and Feedbacks...
by Dennis McKeon

It was very gratifying to see that Mardi Gras and BigJackpotBetting have teamed up to bring back the American Greyhound Derby. The elimination rounds began on March 12. The American Derby itself, began in 1949, at Taunton Dog Track in Massachusetts. It was the brainchild of Joseph M. Linsey, the owner of the charming, quaint, little country track in Taunton. It was the first “big money” stakes race for Greyhounds in the US, offering the then unthinkable total purse of $25,000. Naturally, the race attracted the best Greyhounds from across the country, and sometimes from across the Atlantic. Fitting, because it was the ceremony, pomp and circumstance of the Irish Derby that inspired Mr. Linsey to create an American counterpart.

No other racing event has had such a profound effect on the molding of the American Racing Greyhound. There is scarcely a pedigree today that doesn’t contain at least one, and more often than not, several bloodlines which end up at an American Derby winner, or one of their siblings. Many of those who competed in the American Derby, but who didn’t win the final, nevertheless have also had a huge impact upon the breed. 

American Derby winners like Lucky Bannon, SS Jeno, Downing and Dutch Bahama are among the most influential sires of all time. The female families of American Derby winners like Real Huntsman, Mellojean, Feldcrest, Xandra, and LG’s Ada have exerted tremendous influence, which continues to this day. The descendents of American Derby competitors like Crocadoll, Mar Dilly, Features Fair, Michigan Jack, Slick Shan, Flirty Go, and Unruly, are numerous and prolific. The American Derby was a breed shaper, unlike any other.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Greyhound Derby 1st Round Recap

Recap of American Greyhound Derby Action...
By: Clint Locklear

The American Derby is underway for the first time since the closure of Twin River Casino and dog track in Rhode Island. Mardi Gras is the fourth different venue to hold the event in its long and colorful history. The first of two finals will be held Friday night, March 30th. Here's what happened Monday night:

First round action carried all the excitement one could imagine. The D.Q. Williams Kennel got things started off with a win in the first qualifying race of the evening with Show You Want. The daughter of Ra Blazer rushed to a lead down the front stretch and never looked back, crossing the wire in a time of 37.85. Flying Carne followed her all the way around the track to finish second beaten by three lengths. It was another two lengths back to the favorite Kiowa Mad Fly, who primarily ran an even race to finish third and rounded out $181.60 trifecta. Show You Want paid $14.40 to those backing her with win wagers, $8.20 to place and $3.60 to show. Flying Carne paid $9.80 and $3.60 completing a $108.30 perfecta. Kiowa Mad Fly paid $2.60 to show. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Key on This Dog Win & Place

Win With Eb Netr...
Don't you hate it when your dog gets blocked and can't get through the pack to win? It's frustrating for you, but think of how much MORE frustrating it is for the dog. There it is, all hyped up, running great and it runs into the doggie version of a brick wall.
But while you're complaining and swearing and tearing up your ticket, you might want to look at this as a gift from fate. Losing a bet, you say, is a gift? Sometimes it is, and this is one of those times. When a dog that usually comes in gets blocked, it often goes on to win in its next race.
Next time, also, it will probably go off at longer odds. And, if it's a smart dog, it will make sure that the same thing doesn't happen again. I'm not talking about dogs that get blocked or get into trouble in most of their races. I'm talking about dogs that rarely get into this kind of trouble.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Casper Van Dien


Hallo West Acre - Grandpas Princess
Representing Flagler and Naples Fort Myers
Owner: Sharon Williams   Trainer: Carlos Perez

        Casper Van Dien has been one of the top distance greyhounds at both Flagler and Naples during the last year . Back in October, Van Dien competed in the $ 50,000 Hecht Marathon Championship at Flagler. Just recently he tangled with the best in the Naples Derby. Now he comes to Hollywood to try to conquer the American Greyhound Derby.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Smoked Em

RA Blazer - Show N Tell

Representing Flagler and Hollywood
Owner: Sharon Williams    Trainer: Carlos Perez
Recently competed in $ 75,000 World Classic

      Smoked Em will be sent to the 660 yard course simply to try to steal huge leads on the rail and to see how far he can go. He possesses sprinter speed and has won 7 grade A races at Hollywood at the 550 yard distance. His 30.17 clocking on February 25th was one of the fastest of the meet at Hollywood. In the American Greyhound Derby the question is : How far can he go?

Friday, March 9, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Caspians Place


Fuzzys Cannon-Genesis Place
Owner: Sharon Williams      Trainer: Carlos Perez
660 Record:  7 starts  (2-2-2-0)
Lifetime Record : 17 Starts  ( 6-3-3-2)

      19 month old  Caspians Place broke his maiden in  December and showed right away that he could drive through greyhounds. In his first two races that he won at MG, he drove from behind and won by 5 and 7 lengths. After a few more driving from behind sprint victories, Caspians Place was moved to the 660 course and has responded fabulously. In his first 7 starts his record at 660 is 2-2-2-0 . On March 4th he clocked in at 37.26 defeating Roc A By Spinoff and Goodlucksterling with one of the fastest times of the meet.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Focus on Winning

Win With Eb..
Dog racing is exciting. When the boxes open and the dogs burst out, the crowd is focused on the dog or dogs they bet on. Will it get the lead right away? Will it make it around the first turn without getting blocked or bumped?
Then they're around the first turn and in the backstretch. If your dog is in the lead, you're staring at it, urging it on, whether you're yelling or just thinking (or even praying) silently. Then it's the final turn and as they thunder toward the finish line, you're watching your dog and hoping that no one will close on him at the last minute.
The first dog goes over the finish line and - if it's your dog - you're grinning from ear to ear and telling the guy beside you that you had the winner. In other words, you've just done everything wrong from the beginning of the race to the end and you're really happy about it, if you won.

Pick Winners at any Track

Win With Eb Netr...
Most of us have a favorite track. It might be the one nearest to our home. It might be the first one we ever bet on or ever won money at. There are a lot of reasons why people play one track more often than they play another.
I've found that some tracks just seem to be easier to figure out for me. Maybe the dogs are more consistent or the way they set up the races fits my handicapping style better. For whatever reason, I stick with 3 or 4 tracks for most of my bets.
However, if you only play one track - and many people do - you may be missing out on some good opportunities. If it's because you find it hard to handicap a "strange" track, here's what you can do to make it more comfortable for you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Blazing Spitfire

Dragon Fire- Tin Nee Ann
Owner: Judi Boulton      
Representing Palm Beach Kennel Club
Career Record : 23 Starts , 8 Wins
660 yard course record : 10 Starts , 5 Wins

    In one of the greatest greyhound racing comeback stories of all time, Blazing Spitfire has defied all odds and now finds herself challenging for the American Greyhound Derby crown. Affectionately known as "Pearl"to her fans, this fiesty female survived an early "childhood" bout of Valley Fever .

  Valley Fever is a lung infection that is caught  airbourne  when dust in agricultural areas is transported by the wind . In the United States it is prevalent in the Southwest where the temperatures are high and the soils are dry. Usually in the lower valley regions of Arizona .

  Fighting this illness at a young age , Blazin Spitfire's littermates Blazing Angelfire and Blazing Wildfire were taking the spotlight in both Arizona and Florida. Angelfire was a finalist in the 2010 Hollywoodian (660) and Wildfire finished 3rd in the $ 75,000 World Classic (550) and finished 2nd in the 2011 $ 30,000 Hollywoodian here at Mardi Gras leading all the way before getting caught at the wire.

  After seeing the progress that Spitfire had made through this time , and with the Valley Fever behind her, owner Judi Boulton decided to give "Pearl" a shot at what she really loves to do , race. She then went on to win her first career race at Flagler just shy of 4 years old. From there it was off to West Palm Beach where she came into her own. Registering a 13 1/2 length victory in a blistering time of 29.51 on the Royal Palm Course was the sign of bigger and better things for this girl . She was moved to the 660 yard course where she has quickly become a star winning 5 of her first 10 races at the distance including being a finalist in last month's $ 50,000 James W. Paul Derby. Now her sites are set on the $ 50,000 American Greyhound Derby

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Roc A By Spinoff


Kiowa Sweet Trey- Flying Casaba
Owner: H.Miller or V. Berland    Trainer: Paul Giguere
660 Yard Record : Starts 13 ( 4-3-1-1)

  This midtrack to wide running speedster came to Hollywood via Valley Greyhound Park in Harlingen,Texas where they ran a rare 5-day meet back in November and December. Previous from that he had broken in as a pup in Dubuque,Iowa.
    After surfacing here at Hollywood, Spinoff was quickly entered into the 660 yard distance. The move resulted in quick results as he has responded with four wins and three seconds over the distance. 

Should You Bet on This Dog Or Not?

Win With Eb...
By Eb Netr..
If a dog has the fastest time of all the dogs in a race, should you bet that dog? What if a dog has the most class in a race or has the highest win percentage? What if it's out of the kennel that's at the top of the standings as of this week? What if it's in the best post position or is the fastest breaker in the race? And what if it has all of these things going for it, would you bet it then?

Of course, you would. Unfortunately, so would everyone else at the track and the odds would be so low you'd have to pay back money if you won. Or almost, anyway. What I'm getting at is that most dogs have something going for them, but very few have everything going for them. This is where good handicapping, research, time and effort come in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Slatex Cadillac

Flying Hydrogen- Slatex Station
Owner: Kirk Harlan     Trainer: Crystal Carroll
Representing Naples Fort Myers Kennel Club
Raced at Naples,Flagler, Wheeling and Victoryland

Winner $ 50,000 Hecht Marathon at Flagler (770 yards)
Winner Naples Fort Myers Inaugural (770 yards) 

She was voted to First Team All American Squad
And she was this year's Flashy Sir Award Winner!
Her Record last year was      42 Starts    30 Wins

       Slatex Cadillac returns back to the Miami area where she lit the distance courses on fire in 2011 at Flagler. She broke the track record at Flagler in the 3/8ths course  a few times ,lowering Florida greyhound racing legend Mo Kick's track record that stood for 17 years. Her racing style is more like a machine in the longer distance as every trip could result in pushing a track record. She was the winner of the $ 50,000 Hecht Marathon (770 yards) race at Flagler last year and followed it up by winning the Naples Ft. Myers Inaugural (770 yards) ,one week later. She turns 4 years old on March 16th .  In her brilliant career 660 and 770 events have been her specialty . Now she turns her attention on the 2012 American Greyhound Derby Championship at Hollywood.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Cry Exxon

Gable Diego-Keeper Closer
Owned by Terry Scott      Trained by Jennifer Arno
50 Starts 19 Wins at Wheeling Downs in the 660 yard course
Broke the Track Record at Wheeling (660 yards) on June 5,2011 (37.13 time)

     Ever since trying the 3/8ths course at Wheeling back in April of 2011, Cry Exxon has dominated . His style of breaking with the leaders and grinding them in the stretch has been his forte. Winner of 19 of 50 starts in the 660 yard distance at Wheeling, Exxon loves breaking from the inside.

American Derby Profiles-Mr. Hot Pepper

Flying Hydrogen- Magic Tearemup

Owner: Norm Rader or Ed Gardner    Trainer: Joe Trudden


Lifetime 660 yard record (47 Starts - 14 Wins)

  Mr Hot Pepper is the classic Wide And Driving closer . He always starts slow and then puts it into another gear down the backstretch and to the wire . If he gets close enough he will circle the field and leave them in the dust.  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Tree Shaker


Hardball Victory- Magic Powersurge

Owner: James Dunlap         Trainer: Paul Giguere
Derby Lane- Daytona Beach- Palm Beach- Hollywood
 Palm Beach    24 Starts , 8 Wins at 660 mile course

       In her first 6 starts over the 660 yard course at Palm Beach in October and November of 2011, Tree Shaker made a statement . On October 2nd last year she ran a blistering 37.77 , setting the course on fire with the fastest time of the meet . She just recently competed in the $ 50,000 James W. Paul Derby (3/8ths) at Palm Beach.

Friday, March 2, 2012

American Derby Profiles-BM Murphy

BM Murphy

Flying Penske- RC's Jamie
Owner: Richard Carbone      Trainer :  Jorge Esquivel

Representing Palm Beach KC

660 yard record at Palm Beach (12 Wins in 29 Starts)

Finished 3rd in the $ 50,000 James W. Paul (660 yard) Derby

BM Murphy came into her own after trying the 660 yard course at Palm Beach . A winner of 12 of her 29 starts over the Course , Murphy has emerged as one of the top distance greyhounds at Palm Beach . On February 24th, BM Murphy was one of the betting favorites in the Finals of the $ 50,000 James W. Paul Palm Beach Derby where she finished a hard driving third only 2 1/2 lengths off the winner.  

American Derby Profiles-Goodlucksterling

 R A Blazer - Good Luck Leslie

 Owner: Sharon Williams     Trainer: Carlos Perez

 Finished 4thd in Final of the $ 50,000 Hecht Marathon at Flagler

 Finished 3rd in Naples Fort Myers Inaugural in November

     Another classic DQ Williams bred greyhound that excels in longer distance racing . He finished 3rd in the $50,000 Hecht Marathon (7/16ths of a mile) behind the incredible Slatex Cadillac and kennelmate Ah's Sly. He also finished 3rd in the Naples Fort Myers Inaugural (770 yards) against the same two greyhounds in November 2011 .
   His relentless racing style keeps greyhounds in front of him hearing "footsteps", as he possesses the ability to drive by almost anything in his way. At only two years old, the sky is the limit for this amazing rookie who can literally run any distance. In his 11 starts at Hollywood , he has hit the paysheet every time including 5 Wins and 4 places.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting AH's Sly


Let's Winendine- Ah's India


Finished 3rd in the $ 50,000 Hecht Marathon at Flager (2011)

Finished 2nd in Naples Ft. Myers Inaugural (770 yards) in Nov. 2011

A rare multi-talented greyhound, he has been dominating the Marathon scene in Southern Florida since arriving . A complete "monster " in the open field , if Sly clears close early , he usually just glides by the competition with ease . His clocking of 37.02 is the fastest 660 yard race recorded at Hollywood this meet.

American Derby Profiles-Presenting TB's Final Stand

TB's Final Stand

Dodgem By Design- Flying Exorcist
Owned By Norm Rader    Racing For-Joe Trudden

33 Wins in 69 Career Starts
660 yard record  (6 starts- 4 wins and 2 second places)
Winner of the $ 50,000 2011 Razorback Stakes(660 yds.) at Southland
Broke the Southland Track Record (Arkansas Course) 31.48 in June 2011
Finalist in the $ 50,000 Southland Sprint Championship

                                           This powerful greyhound has dominated the sprints and 3/8ths mile distance at both Palm Beach and Southland. In only 6 career starts over the 660 yard course he has proved to be the real deal, winning the $ 50,000 Razorback Classic at Southland . Just recently , he ventured back to the 660 yard distance at Hollywood and continues to thrive showing that the extra distance is his game .