Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Derby Profiles-Presenting Blazing Spitfire

Dragon Fire- Tin Nee Ann
Owner: Judi Boulton      
Representing Palm Beach Kennel Club
Career Record : 23 Starts , 8 Wins
660 yard course record : 10 Starts , 5 Wins

    In one of the greatest greyhound racing comeback stories of all time, Blazing Spitfire has defied all odds and now finds herself challenging for the American Greyhound Derby crown. Affectionately known as "Pearl"to her fans, this fiesty female survived an early "childhood" bout of Valley Fever .

  Valley Fever is a lung infection that is caught  airbourne  when dust in agricultural areas is transported by the wind . In the United States it is prevalent in the Southwest where the temperatures are high and the soils are dry. Usually in the lower valley regions of Arizona .

  Fighting this illness at a young age , Blazin Spitfire's littermates Blazing Angelfire and Blazing Wildfire were taking the spotlight in both Arizona and Florida. Angelfire was a finalist in the 2010 Hollywoodian (660) and Wildfire finished 3rd in the $ 75,000 World Classic (550) and finished 2nd in the 2011 $ 30,000 Hollywoodian here at Mardi Gras leading all the way before getting caught at the wire.

  After seeing the progress that Spitfire had made through this time , and with the Valley Fever behind her, owner Judi Boulton decided to give "Pearl" a shot at what she really loves to do , race. She then went on to win her first career race at Flagler just shy of 4 years old. From there it was off to West Palm Beach where she came into her own. Registering a 13 1/2 length victory in a blistering time of 29.51 on the Royal Palm Course was the sign of bigger and better things for this girl . She was moved to the 660 yard course where she has quickly become a star winning 5 of her first 10 races at the distance including being a finalist in last month's $ 50,000 James W. Paul Derby. Now her sites are set on the $ 50,000 American Greyhound Derby

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