Monday, March 19, 2012

Mardi Gras to Host American Greyhound Derby

American Greyhound Derby Reborn at Hollywood...

This season we are proud to announce the revival of a favorite stake race called The American Greyhound Derby. This particular event has been on hold for the last three years, but now will travel 1500 miles south from its last home in Lincoln, Rhode Island at the Lincoln Greyhound Park to our very own Mardi Gras and resume the tradition.
In May on 1949 the American Greyhound Derby was created at the Taunton Dog Track in Massachusetts by the Managing Director Mr. Joseph M. Linsey, and quickly gained momentum as a prestigious championship event. It was the first large purse stake race of the time, and was loosely modeled after its international counter-part, the Irish Derby.
What sets this series apart from others we’re hosting this season? The distance, for one: since Mardi Gras will no longer host the Hollywoodian, this will be our only 660 yard stake race this season. Also, the winner will be decided by two series races made up of a final qualifying field of eight. The way this works is that if the same dog wins twice he takes the title; if there are two winners we have a final match race guaranteed to be the showdown of the century.
The first series race will be held March 30th and the second on April 6th. We are currently in the semi qualifying rounds. Commemorative books detailing the history of the American Derby are for sale on (History of the American Greyhound Derby: The Kentucky Derby of Greyhound Racing by James J Smith) and at our Change & Information Window (second floor).

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