Sunday, March 25, 2012

Win With this Type of Dog

Win With Eb...

It's a well-known fact that dogs that are moving down in class are a good bet. Dogs that are moving up in class, on the other hand, aren't. Right? Well, that's what the crowd believes, which is why so many dogs moving up go off at good odds.
They'd pay well if you could figure out when a dog is liable to win in this situation. Well, this little tip isn't going to make you rich, but it could help you cash in on dogs that are at good odds, but have a good chance of winning.
When you see a dog that is moving up in class, look for whether it has anything else going for it. Is it in a post position that it likes? It is? Well, put a check mark next to its post position for that. Does it have early speed? If so, it has much more of a chance of getting out in front and avoiding trouble.
Does it have low numbers in the 1/8th column in its last three races? That's a really good indication that it's liable to be in at the finish in this race. Next, look at its times. If it consistently runs with times that are close to the times of the best dogs in this race, it's a good bet.
In other words, for a dog to move up and have a good chance of coming in, it needs something extra going for it. Look for the extras and you'll have a good chance at cashing in on a dog that most of the crowd will think is in over its head.
Just make sure that the dog really DOES have something going for it before you put your money on it. Don't look for excuses to bet on a dog, because that doesn't work. But finding a dog with a change for the better does work.
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