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Win at the Dog Track by Doing More of This

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Maybe you started going to the dog track for entertainment. Most of us do. But after a few trips, most of us either lose interest or realize that we're going to have to learn to handicap if we want to make money. Even though we may still look at it as entertainment, it's obvious that winning is much more enjoyable than losing.

So, we start actually going over the program, instead of playing numbers. We learn how to bet. We may even buy a greyhound handicapping system to cut down on the time it takes to learn advanced handicapping. Before too long, we're much more knowledgeable about why dogs win and why they lose. We start to cash more tickets and we bet with more confidence.

Some handicappers stop there. They're happy just to be making a little money instead of losing it. They have no desire to go any further into the whole business of handicapping. They'd just like to put the minimum amount of time and effort into getting the maximum amount of return that they can at this level.

But then there are the other handicappers - like me - who aren't satisfied just to make a little profit or stay even. We want to do better than that and we know there's a way to do it. So we dig deeper into handicapping. We spend more time and effort figuring out all the angles. We buy more than one system and add its knowledge to the knowledge we already have. We go online to read other handicapper's blogs. We spend hours on the greyhound database, researching dogs' records.

Friends and family shake their heads and say we're obsessed with handicapping. They question whether it's worth it to put so much time into something that isn't a real job. But still we persist. And persistence pays off. Family isn't so critical when we pay for that family cruise with our trifecta winnings.

Friends wonder how we can afford to eat out so much, when they're having to cut back on groceries. It's ironic that they could do the same thing we're doing, if they gave up some of their TV watching time and learned to handicap the greyhounds.

What it all comes down to, is how much you're willing to put into becoming a better handicapper. The only way to do it is by focusing on researching and learning about handicapping instead of wasting time with TV, videos, and other time-wasters.

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