Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eyes on the Holiday

The Girls Take on the "Pup"...

Yes, there is a handicapping contest for greyhound fans, specifically, the ladies.
Big Jackpot Betting will host a Girls Go Wild contest, where the ladies take on the “Pup” in another ROI handicapping event.

Tri-State’s evening card is the focus. Participants pick eight races, and receive the payoffs for win and place.

Most “money” wins.

So, as you sit back and enjoy the weekend, join the contest and picks some races – any maybe you’ll cap off the weekend with a contest win

For information, click HERE.

The Greats of the Game (Flashy Sir)

The Great

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Great Visit

      From Gury Dura's Blog...

This past weekend, Randy Birch returned to his hometown of Dubuque.
Many of you know him on Big Jackpot Betting on the Internet, hosting
racing shows and working with the Odd Squad.
While here, the greyhound racing supporter hosted a couple of radio
shows through Big Jackpot Betting at Dubuque Greyhound Park. He
chatted about the races, with trainers, owners, officials - anyone who
would talk with him about racing.
Better yet, I got to meet him.
What a pleasant visit. He's informed, fun, enthusiastic - and I swear
he knew 80 percent of the people who walked by!
I've "talked" to Randy many times over the Internet. This was my first
face-to-face visit with him. And, yes, I was on the air, too (I'm
surprised the Internet is still operating!)
With supporters like him, I can see why the business is turning
around. He promotes, supports and, most importantly, connects with the
people at the tracks.
He's a reminder that people can fully support an idea or a business,
and the best way to do that is be courteous and professional.
That's something we all should strive for.
Until next time, Randy, enjoy the races!
* Don't forget to sign up for the next World Series of Greyhound
Handicapping qualifier this weekend. The deadline is Thursday. Go to
Big Jackpot Betting to join.                 

Why You Should Know Your Own Track

Win With Eb...

Way back before satellite and cable made it possible to bet on any track in the US from any other track or OTB parlor, we old-timers bet on live races at our local track. There were usually ten of them on a program and it was enough for us at the time.

Now, there are so many tracks and so many choices that it's bewildering sometimes. Some people like all the different tracks on offer, but other people find it too confusing to bet more than two or three. Heck, there are even some old dinosaurs, like me, who still tend to stick with one track at a time. Do you know why?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How To Beat the Odds Every Time at the Dog Track

Win With Eb...

Do you pick a lot of winners, but still go home with less money than you went to the dog track with? That's much more common than you might think. A lot of people can pick winners and still lose bets.

Maybe you've noticed how often favorites come in at the greyhound track. The crowd is actually pretty good at picking dogs who have a good chance of winning. However, if you bet favorites in every race, you won't make money. Neither does the crowd.

It sounds crazy, doesn't it, that you can pick winners and lose. Well, even more unbelievably, you can win without picking winners. I do it all the time.