Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Great Visit

      From Gury Dura's Blog...

This past weekend, Randy Birch returned to his hometown of Dubuque.
Many of you know him on Big Jackpot Betting on the Internet, hosting
racing shows and working with the Odd Squad.
While here, the greyhound racing supporter hosted a couple of radio
shows through Big Jackpot Betting at Dubuque Greyhound Park. He
chatted about the races, with trainers, owners, officials - anyone who
would talk with him about racing.
Better yet, I got to meet him.
What a pleasant visit. He's informed, fun, enthusiastic - and I swear
he knew 80 percent of the people who walked by!
I've "talked" to Randy many times over the Internet. This was my first
face-to-face visit with him. And, yes, I was on the air, too (I'm
surprised the Internet is still operating!)
With supporters like him, I can see why the business is turning
around. He promotes, supports and, most importantly, connects with the
people at the tracks.
He's a reminder that people can fully support an idea or a business,
and the best way to do that is be courteous and professional.
That's something we all should strive for.
Until next time, Randy, enjoy the races!
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