Monday, July 30, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandys for July 30th

TRI STATE - Randy's Dog Dandys
Monday NIGHT July 30th

RACE 1, 2-1-8-3, JG DELIVERANCE, 3 for 4 in the dog dough with fastest time at 30.63.

2 and 1 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 1-8-5-2, CET FANCY NANCY, A Grade A Hound dropping down, early speed.

RACE 3, 7-6-4-8, MAC'S DIGITALDOG, 4 straight improving times as a Maiden.

RACE 4, 2-1-8-4, CBAR BIGSPENDER, A Double Grade Dropper A to C for win number 3.

RACE 5, 2-4-1-6, M'S DAR ELLEN, A Southland Hound going to town.

RACE 6, 6-8-3-1, ANGIE WOOKIE, Grade Dropper Puppy Popper for win number 7.

RACE 7, 6-7-1-2, VICKI VICSTER, 10 for 17 in the money for this Haber Kennel Honey.

RACE 8, 4-2-8-7, MAC'S DANCEQUEEN, Has Mid Track win at Grade B, Grade dropper.

RACE 9. 5-7-3-2, UMR FRITZ, A Grade Dropper Puppy Popper with a fine 30.39.

RACE 10, 6-2-1-8, JAX BRADY, Double Grade Drop with the best early speed.

RACE 11, 4-3-2-8, JAX CROSBY, A Grade dropper looking great for win number 8.

Pick 4, 5-8-2-8.

RACE 12, 5-3-6-7, SIDEWALK BLAIR, Mid Tracker Puppy Stacker for you with a 30.02.

RACE 13. 8-2-5-3, HYDRO ELECTRIC, A Grade A Hound Dropping Down for you 30.62.

RACE 14, 2-8-3-5, WILD LADY GAGA, More talent than the singer 5 for 6 in money.

RACE 15, 8-6-3-5, EYES ON THE WIN, The best early speed to win. Loves the outside.

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