Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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There's an old dog track joke: A guy walks into the track and tells his friend, "I hope I break even today. I sure could use the money."

It's funny, but not if you're the guy saying it. He was already thinking ahead to how he was going to be strapped for cash, if he lost again.

I say "lost again" because it's pretty obvious that he loses most of the time. He's probably going to lose this time too, because he has himself convinced that losing is what happens when he goes to the track.

This guy needs to get out of that losing mindset and find a way to win at the dog track. If what you're doing wasn't working, wouldn't you try a different approach? I would.

There's a lot of information out there both in books and on the Net about greyhound handicapping. Some libraries even have greyhound handicapping books that you can borrow for free. It wouldn't hurt to check your local library, especially if there's a dog track near it.

Anyone can become a better greyhound handicapper if they put some effort and time into it. If they try to learn how and it doesn't seem to be something they're good at, they can learn from someone who IS good at it.

That could be someone they know at the track or someone in a forum online. They can find blogs that discuss greyhound handicapping and get info for free.

Of course, the quickest way to learn anything is to find a system that works and learn to use it at your particular track. Because every track has its own little quirks and track bias and such, even the best greyhound handicapping system has to be tweaked before it pays off big.

I always feel bad when I overhear someone who's convinced that they're lucky just to break even. I wonder why they even bother going to the track with that losing attitude. They need to change their attitude by getting better at picking winners.

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