Friday, September 21, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandy's For Saturday Palm Beach

After starting the weekend at Palm Beach with 14 of 15 in the Money and 7 Winners,
Randy's Dog Dandys for Saturday Matinee, September 22nd, 2012.
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                                  PALM BEACH-Matinee
                                  on Pick 5 Force Out
                                  Saturday, with the 
                                  Largest Pools in America
                                  always in reach, at Palm Beach.
                                  We go live at 1 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 4-7-8-6, BIG DEMOLITION, Best rush in the field to stop the Maiden Madness.

4 AND 8 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 8-3-7-1, CT RED JACKET, Set-up to win by slow break of the 7, Rader Racing.

RACE 3, 1-6-8-7, YAHOO BANKER, Best inside rush, 8 for 14 in money, Rader Racing.

Bet 3, 1-3-1.

RACE 4, 3-8-4-2, PAT C SEEHERE, Grade dropper puppy popper with best rush for sprint.

RACE 5, 1-4-7-8, WHERE'S MONSTER, Double Grade drop, recent Grade "D" win.

RACE 6, 8-3-1-4, STARZ TOP TOUGH, Best outside rush set-up to win by the 7, at 29.66.

RACE 7, 3-5-6-2, KK'S SCHRUIKEN, Grade dropper with recent win at this post position.

Bet 3, 3-5-6.

RACE 8, 5-6-8-7, CATYS LIL KAY, Best break and rush in field off best time at 29.97.

RACE 9, 6-5-4-8, PRIME SUSPECT, Grade dropper posted well at rush between 5 and 7.

Pick 4, $2,500.00 Guarantee, 6-7-4-2.

RACE 10, 7-5-6-2, JD AQUARIUS, Grade dropper puppy popper with the best outside rush.

Pick 5, 7-4-2-8-7-AND-8.

RACE 11, 4-5-7-8, TURBO DENTON, Grade dropper, Rader Racing, best Mid Track rush.

RACE 12, 2-8-6-1, O YA BILLY BOB, 5 out of 6 Wins for Rader Racing Superstar.

RACE 13, 8-1-2-3, SE'S CREEKFIRE, Tremendous outside rush, 10 for 13 in dog dough.

RACE 14, 7-8-3-5, VOGO ANNE, Grade "A" hound dropping down, set between 6 and 8.

RACE 15, 3-1-7-4, CENTEX EVA, Going for 5th straight win with best time to see at 37.33.

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