Saturday, September 1, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Palm Beach Sunday Matinee, 9/2/12

We go LIVE to Palm Beach Kennel Club, 
 at 1 pm Eastern with Hundreds of Thousands 
                                             of Dollars on Twin Trifecta Force Out Day                                                       Races 11 and 13 with Hundreds of Thousands
of Dollars in the Biggest Greyhound Racing Handle 
in America at Palm Beach Kennel Club for the
Sunday Matinee on September 2, 2012. 

RACE 1, 3-7-8-5, KAIAS TEPEE, Best inside break and rush of this field. 

Daily Double, 3 and 1 for you on Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 1-2-7-4, TRUST FACTOR, Best inside break and rush at 30.02, 7 for 12 money.

RACE 3, 2-3-4-7, ATASCOCITA ELROY, Grade dropper who won last time at Grade "D".

Bet 3, 2-2-7.

RACE 4, 2-5-1-4, SAN TAN RUBADUB, Grade dropper puppy popper, best inside rush.

RACE 5, 7-3-8-4, CAROLINA ZIGGY, Grade dropper with the best outside rush.

RACE 6, 1-3-5-7, KB'S SPIRAL FLEX, Loves the inside, 10 for 14 in the money at 30.09.

RACE 7, 8-6-2-5, MALICINDAPALACE, Best outside rush for you with a 29.82 for 4th win.

Bet 3, 8-8-2.

RACE 8, 8-3-1-5, BAY, Grade dropper who won the last time at Grade "D" for 4th win.

RACE 9, 2-6-3-8, JAWA RUM, Grade dropper puppy popper won last time at Grade "C".

Pick 4, 2-6-7-1, $2,500.00 Guarantee.

RACE 10, 6-7-1-5, CU IN THIRTY, Off a big win with best outside break and rush in field.

Pick 5, 6-7-1-1-5.

RACE 11, 7-5-2-4, WW'S ENDURANCE, Best outside rush at 9 for 13 in the money.

RACE 12, 1-2-7-5, "Relentless" RIVERVIEW STEVIE, Off win in the 1 box, 44-45 money.

RACE 13, 1-3-8-2, CUTIE PIE CANDY, Best inside break and rush set-up by the 2 and 3.

RACE 14, 5-6-8-2, AMF BET ON RED, Grade A hound dropping down, best Midtrack rush

RACE 15, 1-8-2-3, ATASCOCITA AGNES, Grade drop who won last time at Grade "C".

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