Saturday, September 22, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Sunday, 9/23/12.

                            Randy's Dog Dandy's for Sunday at Palm Beach Kennel Club                                    
                            for the Sunday Matinee, September 23rd, 2012.
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                                                   PALM BEACH-Matinee
                                                   on Twin Trifecta Force Out
                                                   Sunday, with the Largest
                                                   Polls in America in reach,
                                                   at Palm Beach. We go
                                                   live at 1 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 1-5-2-8, ZORBA J BABE, Set-up to win at the rush by the 2 to stop the Maiden Madness.

1 AND 7 means heaven on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 7-5-6-4, BI'S COLE, Grade dropper set-up to win at rush between the 6 and the 8.

RACE 3, 8-5-6-7, YAHOO BIKINI, Best outside rush in this field, 8 for 14 in the money, Rader Racing.

Bet 3, 8-3-8-AND-2.

RACE 4, 3-1-6-5, OUT OF LAW, St. Pete Star with best inside rush, 5 for 5 in the money.

RACE 5, 8-2-7-3, SAN TAN BUENO, Grade "A" hound dropping down, last won at this post and Grade.

RACE 6, 2-1-7-8, VALLE CRUCISGIRL, Loves the inside with the best time coming alive at 29.55.

RACE 7, 6-2-8-4, CAJUN BAKIN, Best breaker and rush in this field for you off a time of 30.32.

RACE 8, 7-8-3-5, BAE SANG, Best outside break and rush in this field, 3 for 3 in the money.

RACE 9, 1-5-3-4, ATASCOCITA KNOX, Won from this same post spot to stop the Maiden Madness.

Pick 4, $2,500.00 Guarantee, 1-7-4-6.

RACE 10, 7-8-5-6, KUP'S JESTER, Grade dropper who last won on the outside at this Grade "TD".

Pick 5, 7-4-6-5-4.

RACE 11, 4-7-3-2, JS DAVEY JONES, Double Grade dropper set-up for the rush by the 3 and the 5.

RACE 12, 6-3-5-7, JAWA RUN, Grade dropper puppy popper set for the rush between the 5 and the 7.

RACE 13, 5-8-6-4, CANADIAN DIESEL, 5 for 6 in the dog dough with the rush to crush at Mid Track.

RACE 14, 1-4-7-6, CT HEARTBREAKER, To score 4th straight win with a fine 29.39 for Rader Racing.

RACE 15, 1-5-7-8, FLYING MCCOY, The real McCoy provides joy, Grade dropper with best break.

                                                  TRI STATE-Evening
                                                  Big Puppy Love Sunday
                                                  Night Live where the
                                                  Racing is always
                                                  Great at Tri State.
                                                  We go live at 7 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 5-1-3-7, SULTRY ALLURE, Best breaker set-up to win between 4 and the 6.

5 AND 2 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 2-8-7-4, FLAT OUT ATTICUS, Set-up to break and rush between the 1 and 3. Double drop.

RACE 3, 2-4-7-3, QUIRKY BILLIONS, Will burst into the lead off a 30.94 to stop the Maiden Madness.

RACE 4, 6-4-7-1, LONESOME NICKY, Best breaker in this field with 3 out of 4 in the money.

RACE 5, 7-4-3-1, JA'S BINGO, Double Grade drop, best outside breaker, Wheeling is like stealing.

RACE 6, 6-7-4-5, EASI DASHER, Double A hound drops way down with best break in this field.

RACE 7, 5-8-3-1, DKC GO GRADY, Triple Grade drop with the best break in this field for a 7th win.

RACE 8, 7-8-2-1, JG BAYWATCH, Best outside breaker to go 4 for 4 in the money.

RACE 9, 7-8-5-3, DKC SEATLELESLIE, The best Odd Squad Pup with the best break for an 11th win.

RACE 10, 8-1-7-5, CRUISEN ABE, Grade dropper puppy popper with best outside and break and rush.

RACE 11, 6-5-8-7, SCHOTTENHEIMER, The Coach, a Grade dropper, won last time here at Grade "A"

RACE 12, 1-7-3-2 CRY RATCHET, When I don't bet on the 1, it's Cry Randy, best at break for 8th win.

Pick 4, 1-1-5-7.

RACE 13, 1-2-8-4, DAYLIGHT, Best inside breaker, won 2 of the last 3 to skate to win number 8.

RACE 14, 5-7-6-2, MRK RIVER NITA, Grade "A" hound dropping down, best breaker  at 30.41.

RACE 15,  7-2-6-5, ROC A BY HAZEL, Best outside break and rush to crush for an 11th win.            

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