Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Friday

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Tri Super Force Out Friday, 9/14/12, at Palm Beach Kennel Club.

                                    PALM BEACH-Matinee
                                    Tri Superfecta Force Out
                                    Friday to be seen Races
                                    11 and 13 with the Largest
                                    Greyhound Racing Handle
                                    in America on the way for
                                    the Friday Matinee.

RACE 1, 4-7-3-1, CANADIAN DIESEL, 3 straight improving times, end Maiden Madness.

4 AND 2 for the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 2-8-4-3, SAN TAN SAWBONES, Southland Star with the best rush for a 5th win.

RACE 3, 4-1-5-6, YOU OLE BUZZARD, Set-up to win at rush by 3 and 5, best time 30.53.

Bet 3, 4-1-AND-5-1.

RACE 4, 1-6-4-5, ASTARSAINTLYMAN, Grade dropper with best break and rush in field.

RACE 5, 1-7-2-3, WW'S SWEET GWEN, Best time from Race twice back at same post.

RACE 6, 1-3-2-5, CU BULLETPROOF, Best inside break and rush, best time at 29.65.

RACE 7, 1-8-5-3, CYSCHINDELSTOOGE, Grade dropper puppy popper, Grade "D" win.

Bet 3, 1-2-6.

RACE 8, 2-8-4-7, CRY AMISTAD, Grade "A" hound drops down, won at 2 box Grade "B".

RACE 9, 6-3-8-4, MEENA LEE, Best break and rush in this field, best time at 30.04.

Pick 4, $2,500.00 Guarantee, 6-3-8-4.

RACE 10, 3-2-6-8, CT RED JACKET, Best rush, 4 for 4 in the money, best time 29.70.

Pick 5, 3-8-4-8-6.

RACE 11, 8-1-2-4, RUSTY'S GIRL, Set-up to win by the 7 at break and rush, Grade drop.

RACE 12, 4-6-1-3, WW'S FIRE EATER, 4 straight improving times for Rader Racing.

RACE 13, 8-2-5-7, MILAM HUNNICUT, Double Grade drop set up at rush to win by the 7.

RACE 14, 6-1-7-2, FLYING RUSHIN BY, Best rush, tied for best time at 29.66 for 5th win.

RACE 15, 2-6-5-4, DAYTON, Will score 7th win with best inside rush, best time at 37.69.

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