Monday, December 10, 2012

R and R Express Lane to Hollywood, Mon., 12/10.

After scoring 16 of 18 in the money Sunday night with 7 wins, here are more
winners in the R and R Express Lane to Hollywood for Monday,
December 10th, 2012 at, Where Winning Happens.

                                  18 Big Ones with the absolute
                                  best deal in Racing at
                                  91 percent PAYBACK on
                                  Win, Place or Show for
                                  More Money Monday night,
                                  December 10th, 2012.
                                  We go live at 5 pm Eastern.


RACE 1, 8-6-5-3, BELLA LIPSTICGAL, Best outside breaker.

RACE 2, 1-2-3-7, OSHKOSH JENNIE, Southland Star who will take you far.

RACE 3, 4-6-2-8, SS INTREPID, Best Midtrack rush.

RACE 4, 8-2-4-7, WW'S WATSON, Dubuque dominator with best outside break.

RACE 5, 4-3-8-7, WW'S TEARLESS, 3 will slash left setting up 4 at the break.

Pick 4, $500,00. Guarantee, 4-1-3-2.

RACE 6, 1-4-5-7, JNS RICCO SAVAE, Dubuque dog with best inside break in field.

RACE 7, 3-5-4-8, TIME FOR DESIGN, Set-up to break and rush by the 2 and 4.

RACE 8, 2-6-8-5, BETTY B BAD, Hard to beat from St. Pete.

RACE 9, 2-4-8-3, WW WISE ACRE, Dubuque dog who loves the inside.


RACE 1, 5-4-2-7, BL'S CARRY ON, Best breaker to stop the Maiden Madness.

RACE 2, 2-5-8-3, MEGA GORILLA, Southland star to hit the pay sheet again.

RACE 3, 1-6-8-4, WOLF'S TONE, Flagler flyer to cry wolf, loves the 1 Box.

RACE 4, 5-7-8-6, PALM FROND, Best Midtrack break in field.

RACE 5, 8-7-6-2, BEST SO FAR, To score 3 in a row in the dog dough.

Pick 4, $500.00 Guarantee, 8-6-1-2.

RACE 6, 6-4-7-8, KANE'S BRETT, Palm Beach pounder loves Midtrack.

RACE 7, 1-2-8-5, BOBBY TOO BAD, Dubuque dominator of break and rush.

RACE 8, 2-1-5-8, CHAMPIONS HOME, Recent win from this Post and Grade.

RACE 9, 1-8-6-4, BARTSMAGICMERLIN, Set-up at break by the 2.

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