Friday, December 28, 2012

R and R Express Lane to Hollywood, Sat., 12/29.

With no losing days since the Hollywood season began December first, more of the
R and R Express Lane to Hollywood for Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at, Where Winning Happens. You can easily get it in to win by
setting up an account at

                               18 Big Ones with Superstars
                               and Superfecta's on each race.
                               Two dog delicious Pick 4's that
                               you can always adore and
                               91 percent PAYBACK Win, Place and Show.
                               We go live at 5 pm Eastern.


RACE 1, 3-5-8-6, WICKED TRENT, Southland Star to hit 3 straight in the money.

RACE 2, 7-8-2-5, SAMBOYA'S DREAM, Grade dropper from Southland.

RACE 3, 3-2-8-1, CG'S BLOW TORCH, To score 3 in a row in the dog dough.

RACE 4, 2-1-4-7, JASPERS PLACE, Grade dropper from Dubuque.

RACE 5, 3-1-2-5, AJ'S LIL PEANUT, Dubuque dog to go back to back in money.

50 Cent Pick 4, 3-2-1-2.

RACE 6, 2-3-5-4, MEGA SELENA, To go back to back wins.

RACE 7, 1-2-5-7, KIOWA TOP WIN, Wheeling winner goes for 4 straight in money.

RACE 8, 2-5-8-7, LONESOME TOMMY, Palm Beach Pup loves the inside.

RACE 9, 5-3-8-4, GOODLUCKSTERLING, Goes for 4 straight wins.


RACE 1, 3-1-5-7, WANNADOBADTHINGS, A Marathon Machine.

RACE 2, 3-6-8-1, LETS GET HAPPY, Grade "A" hound drops down.

RACE 3, 3-5-6-7, GEE WHIZ, Goes for 3 straight in the money.

RACE 4, 4-2-3-6, KELSOS WOEBEGONE, Great breaker to score 4th win.

RACE 5, 2-1-8-5, JF CALLIN RADAR, Going for 3 for 3 in the dog dough.

50 Cent Pick 4, 2-1-4-2.

RACE 6, 1-3-6-7, ROYAL TOUR, Dubuque dominator to score a second win.

RACE 7, 4-3-1-8, TONNY BENNETT, To score a third straight win.

RACE 8, 2-3-1-5, FRUITION, Southland Star goes for 3 in a row in dog dough.

RACE 9, 6-3-1-4, MV'S RUBY, Grade "A" hound drops way down to win.                              

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