Thursday, December 20, 2012

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Friday, 12/21, Tri State.

After over 150 straight winning nights, here are yet more
Randy's Dog Dandy's for Friday night, December 21st, 2012
at Tri State on, Where Winning Happens.
You can easily win by setting up a free account at

                                         TRI STATE-EVENING
                                         Fabulous Friday night with
                                         Superstars and Superfecta's on
                                         each of 15 Big Ones, including
                                         a Pick 4 to adore and 91 percent
                                         Payback on Win, Place and Show.
                                         We go live at 7 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 3-1-2-7, UMR JACKPOT, Best inside breaker in Race.

1 AND 8 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 8-2-6-5, MAC'S STAR CHAMP, Best outside break, 7 goes inside.

RACE 3, 8-2-7-3, DJAYS CENTERFOLD, Set-up at break by the 7.

RACE 4, 2-1-7-4, EASI POPPINS, Grade "A" hounds drops down for win.

RACE 5, 2-3-6-7, RICO'S AQUAFINA, Off a 10 length win, was not that close.

RACE 6, 4-2-3-1, COACH INFERNO, A Grade dropper poppy popper, best break.

RACE 7, 1-4-6-8, M'S FREE HARRY, Wheeling Winner helped by 2 dog going wide.

RACE 8, 8-6-1-7, HS MARGERIE, Best break and rush in the Race.

RACE 9, 7-5-1-3, MAC'S SUGARMAPLE, Set-up at break by 6 and 8.

RACE 10, 7-5-4-2, COACH BAKER, Loves the outside with a puppy passion.

RACE 11, 2-1-4-3, CTW WORK HORSE, Best inside break to score a 12th win.

RACE 12, 2-6-3-8, RICO'S POLLAX, Wheeling Winner scoring 4 in a row in money.

Pick 4, 2-5-3-4.

RACE 13, 5-6-1-4, M'S DAR DAPHNE, Southland Star with the best break in the Race.

RACE 14, 3-6-1-5, MRK RIVER BARBIE, Grade drop, recent win at Grade "C".

RACE 15, 4-8-1-5, TDS JACKIE, Recent Double A Win in the 4 Box.        


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