Saturday, January 26, 2013

Randy's Dog Dandy's for Sunday,1/27, Tri State.

Big Puppy Love Sunday night is in site as we enter
Tri State Racetrack and Gaming Center for Sunday,
January 27th, 2013. You can make winning look so
easy by setting-up an account today at

                        TRI STATE-EVENING
                        Superstars and Superfecta's
                        in each of 15 Big Ones, a Pick 4
                        that can lead to a big score and
                        91 percent PAYBACK on Win, Place and Show.
                        We go live at 7 pm Eastern.

RACE 1, 7-1-2-3, WINTA BLUE MOON, Set-up at break by the 6 and 8.

7 AND 2 on the Daily Double for you Races 1 and 2.

RACE 2, 2-6-7-5, SIMPLE SASHA, Grade drop, recent win at this Post and Grade.

RACE 3, 4-6-2-7, DECO DEGRATE LEE, 3 goes inside, 5 goes outside.

RACE 4, 6-1-5-8, SE'S SOFTBUTFIRM, Dubuque dog with the best rush in the Race.

RACE 5, 7-2-8-6, RWC MAD MYRTLE, Best outside break in the Race.

RACE 6, 5-1-6-4, M'S KRAZY ADDIE, Wheeling Winner with the best break in Race.

RACE 7, 7-5-2-8, RICO'S AMARILLO, Best outside break and rush in the Race.

RACE 8, 3-4-1-7, SHAK'S ROCKET, To rush like a rocket for an 8th win.

RACE 9, 1-5-2-4, USS ROCKET MAN, To go 8 for 8 in the money.

RACE 10, 5-6-1-8, COACH QUINCY, Grade "A" hound set-up by the 4 and 6.

RACE 11, 4-2-3-1, MAC'S MANDRILL, 3 goes inside, 5 goes outside.

RACE 12, 8-5-2-1, MAC'S STAR GAZER, Loves the outside, 7 slashes to the rail.

Pick 4, 8-8-3-5.

RACE 13, 8-4-1-3, SUGARPLUM SUNDAY, Sweet break on the outside to win.

RACE 14, 3-8-5-6, GIRLY SUE, Set-up at break by the 2 and the 4.

RACE 15, 5-7-4-2, WHERE'S MY TURN, To turn it on at break for a 26th win.  

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