Tuesday, March 26, 2013

R and R Express Lane to Hollywood Friday, 3/29.

The $50,000.00 AMERICAN DERBY First Series Championship and free money
for you with AMERICAN DERBY MONEY MADNESS on each Race on Fabulous
Friday, March 29, 2013 at BigJackpotbetting.com, Where Winning Happens!

                                   HOLLYWOOD TWILIGHT
                                   $50,000.00 AMERICAN DERBY
                                   First Series Championship on Race 7
                                   AMERICAN DERBY MONEY MADNESS
                                   featuring FREE MONEY for you picking Winners.          
                                   We go live at 5 pm Eastern.


RACE 1, 5-6-2-4, CTW SKYWARN, Grade "A" hound drops way down to win.

RACE 2, 7-6-5-2, EASI AUDI, Best outside rush to stop the Maiden Madness.

RACE 3, 1-6-8-7, TOMCO CRACKER, Double Grade drop, 2 goes wide.

RACE 4, 7-1-5-4, KB'S HOOD WINKER, Best outside rush in the Race.

RACE 5, 7-3-1-5, JASPERS PLACE, Double Grade drop to pop, 30.90.

50 CENT PICK 4, 7-5-4-4.

RACE 6, 5-2-3-7, CS QUEEN DIDO, Best Mid Track rush off a 6 length win.

RACE 7, 4-5-1-8, SANTA'S NATHAN, Grade "A" hound drops down to win.

RACE 8, 4-5-1-8, KELSOS SHAKAZULU, Double Grade drop, 3 inside, 5 outside.

RACE 9, 8-4-6-1, KELSOS SHARPTACK, Best outside break in the Race.


RACE 1, 3-1-5-8, SANTA'S FORBES, Best outside break and rush for an 8th win.

RACE 2, 6-5-3-1, MV'S VILLE, Best outside break, 5 inside, 7 outside.

RACE 3, 4-8-5-2, SWEET LITTLE ANN, Grade drop, 3 inside, 5 outside.

RACE 4, 2-5-1-4, TIME FOR DESIGN, Double Grade drop, best inside drop in Race.

RACE 5, 7-8-5-2, MO'S REAL MCCOY, Best inside rush in the Race.

50 CENT PICK 4, 7-8-1-8.

RACE 6, 8-3-2-6, EASI AULLY, Best outside break and rush in the Race.


RACE 8, 8-7-3-5, D'BULLS TUBBS, Best outside rush in the Race.

RACE 9, 1-2-3-8, KELSOS WOEBEGONE, Set-up by the 2 going wide.    

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